Climategate ballooning

Another twisty turn in the UEA CRU climategate affair. The Moscow-based Institute of Economic Analysis (IEA) has accused CRU of cherry picking from Russian weather station data:
The IEA believes that Russian meteorological-station data did not substantiate the anthropogenic global-warming theory.

Analysts say Russian meteorological stations cover most of the country’s territory, and that the Hadley Center had used data submitted by only 25% of such stations in its reports. (...)

The data of stations located in areas not listed in the Hadley Climate Research Unit Temperature UK (HadCRUT) survey often does not show any substantial warming in the late 20th century and the early 21st century.
The Air Vent's Jeff Id, guest posting at WUWT, adds:
Again the accusation is completely believable, yet is completely unverifiable because CRU has refused to release the data. This data and code release is the subject of illegal blocking of FOIA’s is one of the keys in the Climategate emails. We need to know the list of stations used and we must have copies of the raw data.

This is a very powerful accusation, which if true could change much about the climate science debate. Many papers are based on this dataset which has the highest trend of the major ground datasets.
James Delingpole is covering this, as is the Daily Express. And of course EURef, who also have the graph of what those rejected stations were (or actually: were not) showing.

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Louise zei

Thank you for sharing this, the climategate is definitly ballooning some what.


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