The dam has broken

Finally. Finally.

Climate gate is now 16 days old. For the last two weeks we have been wondering: Where the hell is our press?

Up to now, it was only the Telegraaf which reported some on the ongoing controversy. Other MSM newspapers, like NRC and De Volkskrant did their utmost to downplay the scandal as a side-show, with no bearing on the actuality of AGW.

Today, one other paper of the big four, Trouw, published a long article (NL) by renowned climate sceptic Hans Labohm, in which the many reasons to distrust the AGW hypothesis (Climategate, the fictional hockeystick, the many failed predictions by the IPCC, etc.) are meticulously described. The paper even has the courage to leave in the paragraphs in which Labohm is accusing various parties of abusing the AGW scare for their own, collectivist and freedom destroying, agendas.

The article is too long for me to translate. And anyway, it contains nothing new for those reading blogs like this one, or EU Referendum or WUWT (or De Dagelijkse Standaard, of your Dutch). But if you can read Dutch and want a nice overview of what the sceptic side of the debate is thinking you could do worse than to head on over and read the thing in its entirety.

Up until this weekend Trouw, like the NRC and De Volkskrant, was residing firmly in the camp of the warmists. Moreoever, where De Telegraaf is often dismissed as a right-wing rag for the (dumb) masses, Trouw has some intellectual credentials.

Hence, this article is a sign. The Dutch MSM is not able anymore to keep the lid on the climategate scandal. Trouw was the first to cave to the pressure. The dam has broken.

[UPDATE001] Via Sir Henry Morgan (thank you, good sir): Lord Monckton has written a 43 page pamflet entitled Climategate: Caugh Green-Handed (pdf). It delves into the leaked material and does a good job of explaining the significance and implications of what was found in the emails and the actual programming code used by the CRU team to 'hide the decline' (among other things).

[UPDATE002] Don't miss Christopher Booker covering 'the most influential tree in the world'. In the mean time, Canada's The Globe and Mail is warning investors with climate related issues in their portfolios to get out while they still can: 'How close are we to the unravelling of the global warming fad? I think it has started.'

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