Even cultural suicide is painless

Remember Mohammed Faizel Ali Enait? He is a muslim 'lawyer' and professional obtuse quarreller, who had decided that his faith did not allow him to stand up in court when the judges arrive. He was given an official warning by the local bar association, but here's the latest: Lawyer who refuses to stand wins appeal.
An orthodox Muslim lawyer who refuses to stand when judges enter the court room has had his official warning torn up by the legal profession's disciplinary council.

Mohammed Enait will not stand up for judges as is customary in Dutch courts because he says in Islam all men are equal. He was given a formal warning about his behaviour in May.

The disciplinary council said that as well as showing respect for the law, Enait should also be entitled to expect respect for an 'authentic system of beliefs'. In addition, Enait does not intend to insulting the court by not standing, news agency ANP quoted the council as saying.
'Enait does not intend to insulting'? This is the man who once described the Dutch as 'aboriginals'. He goes out of his way to insult and diminish every aspect of Dutch life and culture and so 'prove' the superiority of his misbegotten religion.

And now, because of a few wilfully blind Gutmenschen, he has won the right to show contempt for the Queens court for every muslim in this country. Next stop: Legitimizing contempt for Dutch law. Only because we just will not stand up and fight for what is ours.

Elsewhere, In The Hague another pair of Gutmenschen have taken it upon themselves to abolish Christmas: School 'Too Diverse' for Christmas Tree.
The Haagsche Hogeschool college will not put up a Christmas tree this year because it does not want to cause provocation to immigrant students. The tree is too closely linked with Christianity, according to the school management.

Traditionally, a meters-high tree always stood in the school's atrium. Now there are only some streamers and fairy lights hanging there. Management wants to "stress the international character and the diversity within the school" by this move. The school is opting for "light and heat," which can be enjoyed by everyone in his or her own manner, according to the management.

The college has 20,000 students. Thirty percent are of immigrant origin, as are 12 percent of the teachers. Many pupils expressed fury on the Internet about the decision not to put up a tree this year. "Because a handful of religious good-for-nothings take offence about a tree with some lights and coloured balls, the rest of the school community has to suffer," complained one pupil.
Lost for words, I am...

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