Global warming inches thick on your doorstep

Via EURef, this is Joe Bastardi, from Accuweather, telling us the Gore-effect is coming to Europe with a vengeance:
"This is wild stuff ... this is astounding looking. This is something that I don't recall seeing where fully 80 percent of the Continent is covered by snow ... this is getting started earlier than I thought. Europe's in for a very cold period."
Go here for the details. Are we in for a White Christmas at long last?

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DP111 zei

What Climate gate has revealed is the greatest fraud in the history of mankind. In the last few years we have heard of Ponzi and Madoff, but their efforts were trivial compared to this concerted effort by the “do-gooders” of the world (most charitable view), to forcibly heist hundreds of billions of Euros/dollars out of the pockets of middle-income earners in the West, each year, and continue to do so for the foreseeable future, in the name of AGW. They claimed consensus among the scientists, when no such consensus existed, or claimed that the “science” was proved and thus there was no need for further debate.

Even now, when there is enough evidence to stop this scheme, the “do-gooders”, and their accomplices - politicians, the UN, the derivatives market and utility companies, continue as if nothing has happened. Such is the momentum that was acquired via the tax-payer funded jamborees of Rio, Kyoto and Copenhagen.

The greatest dereliction of duty is that of the so-called fearless free press of the West. They should have been all over this greatest Grand Fraud of History. They should have been relishing the idea of tearing apart these politicians, EU and UN bureaucrats, and all the rest. Instead, they are supine, and it is the humble blogs that have done the investigation - humble blogs that do not have the billions of taxpayer’s money such as the BBC, to fund their investigative reporting.

DP111 zei

As posted above

What Climate gate has revealed is the greatest fraud in the history of mankind.

But there are very many other depressing things about us in the 21st century that this fraud has revealed, apart from the AGW fraud. These secondary evils, moral and ethical duplicity among the political and scentific leaders, and the failure of the free press, may turn out to be worse then the original fraud, and cause even greater harm, because it will persist as a cancer in the heart of society.

Long ago, I remember seeing a movie(title eludes me), of a village that took part in a murder, and kept it hidden. That guilty secret, like a moral cancer, destroyed the moral fabric of the villagers, and eventually the village.

Wonder if any reader can remember the name of the movie?

DP111 zei

Good system, though white on black is a tad trying on the eyes.

Klein Verzet zei

Yes, I figured you would have the same complaint again with this new system. Unfortunately, I can't (yet) change the font size of the comments displayed.

The other solution would be a radical change in template, which I am loath to do. I've grown quite fond of this place as it is. And anyway, I haven't found a template yet that would make a good replacement, though I am still looking.

Bear with us. I am looking into it.

DP111 zei


Thanks. In the meantime I will increase the font size.


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