A new year, a new court case

Another couple of weeks and 2009, the year that saw Global Warming and climate change science thoroughly discredited, will be over. The new year will be off to a flying start, with Geert Wilders having to appear before the court of law for ' incitement to hatred and discrimination'.

It has all the ingredients for becoming a huge spectacle. Wilders' lawyer, the famous-slash-notorious litigator Bram Moszkowicz has announced that the murderer of Theo van Gogh, Mohammed Bouyeri, will be called up as a witness (NL). GoV have more on the story here.

In the mean time people are wondering what the effects of the outcome of the case might be: What if Wilders is sentenced? (original NL item is here).
If Wilders is convicted, it will put an end to his political ability to fight Islam. Because then he will be disabled as a functioning politician. But it then goes even further. Because in such a case, from then on it also will be a criminal offense to criticize Islam. Muslims may at any time feel “offended”, “hated” and “discriminated against”. Judges in such cases must take account of the verdict against Wilders. This will not only cut off the political means to fight the Islam in the Netherlands, but also the public debate on Islam will have to go underground.

Or even worse: then a violent struggle against the Islam remains the only possibility. For that we will owe thanks to a court with a political opinion.
In the mean time socialist leader and minister of Finance Wouter Bos has said that the PvdA will never take part in a cabinet that includes Wilders' PVV. Not really a big loss, since the PvdA is projected to gain 10 to 12 seats (out of an 150 in Second Chamber) if an election were held. More a case of 'the PvdA will not take part in a cabinet', period.

Today news reached us that in the Netherlands resides a grand total of 1.1 million people having a 'double passport', the majority of which are (surprise, surprise) Turks and Moroccans. Just what effect this has on Dutch society was exemplified today. A Copt tram driver in Amsterdam was told by the court he could not wear a chain with a Christian cross openly. He had gone to court for receiving a reprimand by his employer, which incidentally does allow Muslim female tram drivers to wear a hijab, claiming discrimination of religious ground. But the court found its way around that objection:
The court said the public transport company's rules on wearing a uniform, safety and a professional appearance are not unreasonable. In addition, all necklaces are banned, not just those with religious symbols, the court said.
Such craven pre-emptive surrender does not merit commentary. It merits (contemptuous) silence and a little contemplation. Such is the current state of traditionally liberal, tolerant, free-thinking Holland. What a shame...

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DP111 zei

If the court is made of judges who are multi-culti liberal, then if they have any sense, they would not create a martyr by sentencing Wilders to a jail term.

If the court is a patriotic one, and wishes to undermine the present liberal mult-culti paradigm, it should sentence Wilders to a jail term, with no option to communicate with the outside world. It can pretend to be fanatically multi-culti while doing this.


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