Gretta, Jews and the Royal Family

The most notorious pro-palestinian anti-semite in the Netherlands is Gretta Duisenberg, widow of the late Wim Duisenberg, who once was head of De Nederlandsche Bank (similar in duty to the Fed or the Bank of England) and the first director of the European Central Bank.

To get a feel for her character the wiki entry linked to above is a good introduction. She was also seen marching next to Harry van Bommel shouting 'Intifadah, Intifadah, Palestine free' in that infamous pro-palestinian rally, where also the cry 'Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas' was prominently heard.

Together with Socialist Party MP Harry van Bommel she was sued for incitement to hate, discrimination and violence by Bram Moszkowicz, internationally famous for being Wilders' council in the court case against the latter.

Today the Public Prosecutor announced it is not going to prosecute (NL) either Gretta or Hamas Harry, on the rationale that their conduct during that rally was not punishable. Additionally, the Prosecutor did not feel either of them could be held responsible for the shoutings of others.

However, Mrs. Duisenbergs problems are not over yet. Recently she gave an interview to Islam Online. In that interview she goes off on her virulently anti-Jewish bent, proclaiming that the Jewish lobby in Holland, like in the United States, is very strong and powerful, and accusing this 'Jewish lobby' of still playing on our guilt feelings, although it is 63 years since the Holocaust.

Unfortunately, whereas Wilders is dragged before the court for mild (in comparison) criticism of islam, the utterings of Mrs. Duisenberg are not deemed worthy of the courts time and resources. But then she had to go and drag the Royal House of Orange into it.

Asked by Islam Online: 'I knew that you are a friend with Her Majesty the Queen of Netherland, so do you talk about Palestine with the Queen?', she answered:
I never talk about that. Her Majesty does not want to talk about politics.

Nevertheless, once, princess Maxima was there at a reception, and I passed next to her and she called me and said: "I want to say that I really admire you". However, the Queen is not allowed to talk about politics, and she does not give her opinion.
Princess Máxima is of course wife of crown-prince Willem Alexander of Orange and hence future queen of the Netherlands. Not only that, Gretta seems to imply that the Queen agrees with the (alledged) statement by Princess Máxima even as 'the Queen is not allowed to talk about politics'. These are some pretty big words coming from Gretta. Words that are either true or a fabrication.

The trouble is: It is exceedingly hard for the Royal Family to defend against such accusations. If the statements are patently false, reacting publicly would create an issue where none exists (yet). As such the Royal Family have limited options to deal with this.

The alternative doesn't bear contemplating, really. We have criticized the royals before on this blog. But I personally still hold them in esteem (if only they would rise to the occasion in these troubled times!). So, until there is evidence proving otherwise I am of the opinion that Mrs. Duisenberg was a bit liberal with the truth. Probably to grandstand before a foreign audience, thinking it would not never come home to roost.

But it did. Such is the awesome power of the Internet. Thus inadvertently a scandal is born. The scandal lies with the either Mrs. Duisenberg smearing the Royal Family or with the Royal Family itself. And it would be a good thing if the Royal Family provided clarity on this matter. Either way, after this the days of Gretta flaunting her Royal connections will undoubtedly be over.

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