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The next big elections in the Netherlands are scheduled for March 3rd. Nation-wide local counsel elections will be held. And as such things go, elections brings out the very best in some people.

For instance, in the The Hague election a new party will compete: 'Stop Wilders Now'. A party with, given the name, an all too predictable election platform. Geert Wilders has often been derided as being the leader and founder of a 'single issue party', the single issue being the islamisation of Western Europe. But how does one define a party that is not even 'single issue'? 'Single person'? 'Single target'? It is curious to see that for the depravity that Wilders is being accused of, his opponents are perfectly willing to go one (or two. Or even three) deeper if that carries the promise of 'meaningful' opposition against the man.

Initially the The Hague central election bureau refused to enter SWN into the register. The bureau refused registration of the party's name, because it violates the private life of PVV-leader Geert Wilders. Additionally the provoking name can be construed as incitement, which would be detrimental to public order. Or so the The Hague election bureau reasoned.

But last Friday the Raad van State (Council of State) for some unfathomable reason decided otherwise (NL). In a verdict after a formal complaint by SWN, they ordered The Hague to enter SWN into the voting register, on the grounds that a political party is free in chosing a name for itself. The the name of the party in question "indicates opposition to the political thinking" of Geert Wilders and not against him personally.

Wilders is understandably indignant. "If I had tried to pull something like this, I would have had a hundred complaints filed against me, and ditto court cases". To put insult to injury, Wilders cannot appeal against the RvS verdict.

Around the Dutch blogosphere some intriguing theories are going around about who exactly is behind the SWN. Most cited is the party's leader, Frans Schulte. He is an ex-employee of Roman Catholic broadcast organisation KRO, featured on KV before with their attempt to make a Fitna-like film on the Bible. True Roman Catholics, you'll all agree.

Frans Schulte may be classified as a usual suspect, in that he used to be a member of the Party Political Radicals (PPR), a rag-tag assembly of far-left nonvaleurs and malcontents, ranging from cloud-nine pacifists to violent anarchists. The party itself later fused into what we now know as GroenLinks (GreenLeft) a rag-tag assembly of far-left... etcetera.

More intriguing is the suggestion (NL), made by a GroenLinks member of the The Hague city council. David Rietveld maintains that two parties making up the coalition that is our current government, have a hand in SWN: The Christian Democrats (CDA) and the Christian Union (CU).

He reminds us that Frans Schulte started a personal campaign during the last local elections (2006), after he was placed low on the list of The Hague city council candidates of ... the CDA. Then there is Roeland Bol who appears to be the person to register SWN with the Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Bol was a member of the the CDA last local elections, but this time around he features as no. 18 on the list of The Hague candidates for the CU (As of this evening the CU website (NL) reports Mr. Bol as having withdrawn).

The evidence is not nearly enough to imply direct involvement of both CDA and CU. But it does give pause that members of these two mainstream political parties, let alone coalition members, think nothing of founding this loathsome initiative. What is curious, though, is that both implicated parties are 'confessional'. In stead of this initiative coming from 'the Church of the Left', it comes from the Church, period.

Of course this is nothing new. Prominent CDA member Doekle Terpstra started a movement called “Stop Wilders” (but failed ignominiously), telling all and sundry that “Geert Wilders is evil and evil has to be stopped”. The Protestant church in the Netherlands holds that voters for the PVV are akin to the National Socialist Movement (NSB), to be banished from the pews. Elsewhere, Christians sympathizing with Wilders are equated to sinners beyond education. Only last Friday CU-leader Andre Rouvoet accused Wilders (NL) of 'abusing' the Judeo-christian culture, saying that the Bible teaches 'love thy neighbour and the protection of minorities'.

It is this type of intellectually lazy, politically correct platitudes that will be the death of Christianity in the Netherlands. It is a crypto-marxist line of thought which holds that any 'minority' is oppressed by the majority and needs extra protection from the state and its citizens. And all that irrespective of the attributes of the minority in question.

Not only that: it is highly selective. One can think of any number of groups or 'identities' which constitute a minority in Dutch society. Just recently government and authorities purposefully failed to protect Moluccans from terrorizing (to the point of attempted manslaughter) by Moroccans. Child-molesters are all very well defined minorities in the Netherlands. Surely Rouvoet doesn't mean to imply the Bible teaches us to protect them from punishment?

One just cannot be a true Christian, living up to the word of God, and at the same time condemn those that oppose giving our lands over to members of a flock, whose creed is the antithesis of Christian principle.

The absolute central, core belief in Christianity is that Jesus was the incarnation (Son) of God, who died on the cross to expiate the sins of this world, to open access to Heaven for all of us, whatever our short-comings. One doesn't even have to a religious person to see the glaring contrast between Christianity's defining belief and the teachings of Islam, that hold that Jesus was not God, and that he didn't die on the cross, but was quickly switched for some hapless soul when nobody was looking.

All that could be overlooked, were it not for the ever more assertive way in which Islam occupies the public sphere, in no small part helped by those who maintain that 'minorities must be protected', no matter what. And when does this protection end? When Islam finally becomes the majority? By then it will be all too late, and Rouvoet will find he has contributed to the end of the Netherlands and the persecution of the Christian flock within its borders.

It really boggles the mind why somebody like Mr. Rouvoet would go out of his way to protect those that injure our society and ourselves on an almost daily basis, and claim the Bible tells us that we must protect this evil. Let us (those of us who are so inclined, anyway) pray for Mr. Rouvoet and those like him, that God will set them straight before it is too late.

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