Public prosecutor may ask for acquittal Wilders

From the public broadcasting company NOS, this just in (NL):
The Public Prosecutors Office may possibly ask for acquittal in the court case against Geert Wilders, the PPO let the NOS know.

Wilders is accused of incitement to hatred, discrimination and insult of muslims. The Ministry of Justice is not convinced that statements by the PVV-leader are in breach of the law and hence open to punishment. The court case starts tomorrow.

The PPO never was in favour of litigation. The MoJ earlier called statements by Wilders offensive, but not illegal.

Opponents of Wilders did not agree and filed an appeal with the Court in Amsterdam. They determined that the statements were illegal after all, resulting in the PPO having to prosecute Wilders.

The MoJ will monitor the court case and will decide whether to ask for acquittal after proceeding have finished.
Will some measure of sanity prevail after all?

Not that it matters any more. The damage is done. Not to Wilders of freedom of speech, but to the authorities that decided to let this deeply tragic farce to go ahead. Elections are coming up: local first in March, parliamentary elections in May next year (If the current coalitions holds together, which is a big IF). All the signs indicate a big reckoning to come. And after that? ...

[UPDATE001] Wilders himself is supremely optimistic (NL):
Tomorrow morning trial starts. Am ready and convinced that it can only lead to acquittal. Freedom of expression will have to win.

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DP111 zei

Geert Wilders is going to win whether he loses or wins in court.

The real question is what is going to happen once he is asked to be PM - his options are severely proscribed by the EU. If he fails to deliver because of the EU, the opposition will have seen him off.

Klein Verzet zei

Geert Wilders won't be PM, in my estimation. Not even if he wins as the polls predict. He is at the present time much, much too controversial for that. He still has to convince a sizeable portion of the population he can be an effective leader.

If he were to become PM, with the mood in the Netherlands being what it is these days, he would not be able to govern effectively, I think. He'd be running hither and yon, putting out brushfires. It's be something like Sarah Palin taking the reigns of the US tomorrow.

He seems to realize that, because he has already indicate that he will, under certain conditions, support a minority cabinet of CDA and VVD. Which would give him tremendous influence in the way the Netherlands is governed after the elections. Under the conditions as exist today, that is the absolute best thing he could do. And I have to admit, that by making that move I gained more then a little respect for him


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