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Today's quote of the day could hardly have come from anywhere else, could it?

If something is true, it cannot possibly be illegal, can it?

That is going to be the litmus test, isn't it? Have things gone so far in the Netherlands that telling the truth (about the contents of the Koran, or the contents of Muhammeds character, for that matter) will now become illegal?

Coverage of the trial is abundant, so I will refrain from repeating what others have probably said much better then I could possibly do. I'll just refer you to:

Jihad Watch:
Geert Wilders: "If a politician is not allowed to criticize an ideology anymore this means that we are lost, and it will lead to the end of our freedom"
"According to Wilders, the truth about Islam must be made known, even if it is painful and unpleasant for certain people"
Al-Jazeera proves Wilders' point
Wilders: "If expressions reflect the truth, how could they be criminal?"

Geert Wilders Goes on Trial Today
Geert Wilders Trial: Scenes From the Criminal prosecution of Free Speech

Gates of Vienna:
“You Are Living in an Islamic Country, My Friend”
Geert Akhbar!
The Opening Salvos
“It Is Becoming Frightening Now…”
Tabled Until February 3rd
A Partial List of Witnesses
The Trial of Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders on trial for criticizing Islam
What does Wilders want?

Diana West:
The Wilders Trial: Voices From Europe

Pajamas Media:
Geert Wilders: ‘Freedom Is Threatened in the Netherlands’

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Sean zei

The OIC (Organisation of the Islamic Conference) may be behind this Stalinist show trial: http://seanrobsville.blogspot.com/2010/01/request-dharmapalas-to-protect-geert.html

DP111 zei

There was the case of two pastors in Victoria, Australia, who were prosecuted for hate speech, because they quoted verbatim from the koran.

You couldnt get any nearer to the truth then that, and yet they were prosecuted and convicted.

Take care KV.

salvadorpintor zei

You can close the gates to fundamentalists, but close the doors to the world, simply by closing them, is wrong with a racist content.
I agree that Islam is a danger to the world, but I believe in the integration of the modern world.
One question: Why are there so few European children?

Klein Verzet zei

Salvador, I have to disagree with you. There is a strong argument to be made (backed up by real world evidence of problems in Euro countries) that the current levels of immigration (not to mention the quality of the majority of non-western immigrants allowed in) is simply unsustainable.

Restricting immigration to those that can be expected to participate in Dutch society (in a self-sufficient manner, i.e. not enter the government benefit system immediately upon arrival) is neither racist nor wrong. Unless you think it is wrong for a nation to attempt survival beyond the current generation.

It is wonderful for you or I to believe in 'integration of the modern world', but that presupposes muslim immigrants want to integrate. As opposed to numerous other groups of immigrants within our borders, they, however, seem to be singularly opposed to the idea of integration. How to deal with that fact, if not closing ones borders to those who do would so disrespect their adopted fatherland?

salvadorpintor zei

To be maintained by the state is a shame, that's an insult to real men. I never ask for financial backing to the state, I am an artist, jeweler, painter and sculptor, in any case I would support gifted children in Europe. Now I'm set with my family in Peru and it is difficult to travel, I refer to young talent in the world

Close the borders of their countries to these kinds of parasites, are sharp, but not close the doors to those who can contribute to your growth, that's my point.

Moreover it is time to have more children, there are no white children, not that I'm racist, but, as a man who loves beauty, despite being as Michelangelo not possess, I think that the Aryan race is beautiful and that race does not deserve to die.

Have sex! Jove, if you do not bring children into the world will disappear


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