Slowly roasting Rajendra Pachauri

EURef has set its sights firmly on Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, the renowned climatologist railway engineer who heads up the UN's IPCC. The short version is that Dr. North has some evidence of 'conduct unbecoming' (up to the point of being utterly corrupt and quite possibly illegal) by Dr. Pachauri. For a reasonably short version I refer you to Chris Bookers column of last Boxing Day.

We already know about the close ties that seem to exist between Dr. Pachauri and the Tata Group. These ties are so close in fact, that it raises strong suspicions that Dr. Pachauri is NOT an objective, disinterested party in the debate on Climate Change.

This lead EURef to do some digging (what used to be called investigative journalism, back in the day when being a journalist had a social standing above that of a prostitute and being investigative was not relegated to lone bloggers) and turning up post after post that shed an increasingly unfavourable light on the man that is Dr. Pachauri.

The number of entries is simply too large to list (although Wolf Howling makes a fair stab). But one only needs to read a few of the entries featuring the railway engineer to get a feel for the monumental corruption that has taken hold of this man.

In particular Dr. North is building a dossier on TERI-Europe, the European branch of The Environmental Research Institute (formerly Tata Environmental Research Institute, founded by the Tata Group). In a series of posts Dr. North dissects the financial statements of this supposed charity and finds evidence of conduct in violation of the UK's legislation on charities:

TERI-Europe – the enigma (Part 1)
TERI-Europe – the enigma (Part 2)
TERI-Europe – the enigma (Part 3)
TERI-Europe – the enigma (Part 4)

The purpose of so insistently banging on about TERI Europe is explained in part 3:
Al Capone was never prosecuted for his major league crimes – to get him jail the Feds did him for tax evasion. Much the same thinking is behind the pursuit of Pachauri's outpost of empire, TERI-Europe.

Located in London, this is the one part of his empire which comes under UK jurisdiction, where the Charities and Companies Acts apply, in a situation where there is a very strong smell of malpractice – to put it mildly.

A more pointed assessment might veer towards the supposition that this is a "front" organisation, its primary purpose being to launder a substantial flow of funds to other recipients, with minimum scrutiny and accountability.
And so Dr. North is building a dossier on TERI Europe in the hopes of gathering sufficent evidence to lodge a formal and robust complaint with the UK Charity Commission. Investigation of the complaint would mean that Dr. Pachauri (and others within TERI, Europe or elsewhere) will have to specify their earnings and their sources of income. If this succeeds the scandal that will be revealed will be bigger then Climategate by not just a factor, but by several orders of magnitude.

In the mean time Dr. Pachauri is beginning to feel the heat. In a pathetic op-ed on the Guardians Comment is Free site, he blames 'powerful vested interests and those opposed to action on climate change (...) working overtime to see that they can stall action for as long as possible'.

This pretty much gives you the measure of the man: He just cannot conceive that there are individuals in this world who have a love for truth and are willing to express that love voluntarily, without pay. That concept is so alien to Dr. Pachauri (and his ilk in the UN and the EUnion) that the only one explanation is reasonable: 'powerful vested interests' working to bring Pachauri down.

Then there seems to be an effort underway to scrub from the internet information that is embarrassing to Dr. Pachauri, in that it shows what a corrupt and unprincipled weasel he really is. As Dr. North notes, such actions are typically those of guilty men, who have something to hide.

(to be continued...)

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DP111 zei


Keep an eye in this.

Richard North is doing a virtual Herculean task of tracking down the money in the labyrinth of government spending. I do not know how he does it.

It all started out with Pachauri, and this has led on to various means that government has been funding groups which can be relied on to give the right answers. The groups give the right answers as they are being paid to. Were it not for the fact that the UK government is doing it, the fraud squad as money laundering would investigate it.

The EU is also involved. If AGW is brought to its knees, then the EU will need to invent some other cap and trade tax raising scam.


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