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Some links to stories I deemed worthy of a little attention:

After an absence of some 18 months, the Dutch Daily seems to be back in action: Let's evaporate!
Now this is what I call a nice visualization! Behold, the evaporation of a complete nation within a single generation.

In the Netherlands muslimas who cite religious objections to washing the buttocks of male patients are actively discouraged from entering nurse.

Hugo Chavez Blames Haiti Destruction on US Earthquake Machine

One step closer to Armageddon: Dubai wants to host UN Headquarters.

2008 and 2009 Were The Coolest Years Since 1998 in the USA

In the UK a House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee has been started to investigate the the significance of the Climategate revelations. And even though the commission may be asking all the right questions, it does seem to be a bit slanted to one side.

And lastly, on the Wilders trial:
The crux of Wilders' indictment
Is Truth a defense?
The real question of the Wilders trial: Shall the Netherlands exist?

3 reacties:

DP111 zei

Wilders is popular as he represents what the people are thinking. So its really the people of the Netherlands who are on trial. This cant go on. Sooner or later this will crack, and then you will see all the LeftyLibs run for cover.

DP111 zei

BRITAIN faces more 7/7-style suicide bomb attacks for generations because Muslims have not fully integrated into British society, a senior Muslim adviser to the Government warned yesterday.

The same situation holds everywhere in the West. And it has nothing to do with non-integration. As usual the Mussie blames trhe British government and people.

This is our future forever. This is what we get for our generosity in allowing millions of Muslims to live on Benefits.

Is it so diificult to understand that if we removed Muslims from the UK, we would not have this problem. Or the problems of honour killings, FGM, child marriages, and all the retrograde barbaric practices that have come in to the UK as a consequence.

DP111 zei

We now have Hurricanegate, Climategate, GlacierGate, AmazonForestGate - all of the part of the IPCC scam to fleece the West, in which our own government was complicit. As most of this scam was coming from the EU, and as they have made themselves electionproof, it leaves no other option but to get rid of the EU. How?

I hope Dr North has a "cunning" plan.


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