Breaking: Jihadist bombing of train thwarted?

From Elsevier (NL):
The police have evacuated Den Bosch station, after a suspect shouted 'Allahu Akbar' in an intercity train. The man, dressed in a white dress, was detained.

A spokesperson for the NS [National Railways] says that a man in a long white dress and green jacket shouted he had explosives while travelling on the Roosendaal- Zwolle intercity.

Allegedly he called out to fellow passengers something about the 9/11 terror attacks.


Mohamed Amezian was on the train and tells RTL News that a disturbed man was shouting 'Allahu Akbar' through the compartments, shouted clearly that he was muslim and that he spoke Arabic. He also allegedly has said he loves all Dutch and hates Osama bin Laden. Later he supposedly said it was all 'a bad joke'.

According to the NS, around nine this morning explosives were found. A spokeman for the police tells Elsevier it is not certain explosives were found.

The police has detained the man and brought him to a police station.
Confusion reigns supreme. The NS say a bomb was found, now all of a sudden the police maintains explosives were not found. Anyway, Den Bosh station is now evacuated (video below is of the evacuation) and the traffic around Den Bosch is completely shut down.

[UPDATE001] An eyewitness interviewed by the NOS (NL):
"The man came onto the train from the platform, shouting 'I love Hollanders, I love the Dutch, fuck Bin Laden, fuck terrorists.'" On the train a panic ensued. "But in no-time there was police who removed the man"
I don't know, doesn't sound like a stable, focussed would-be shaheed to me.

[UPDATE002] Reporting in EN here and here.

[UPDATE003 13:30] No explosives were found (NL) on the train after a thorough check by the police and a double-check with a bomb-sniffer dog from the Dutch armed forces.

[UPDATE004 10 - 2 ] Final update: De Pers (NL) reports that the 43 year old man causing the events of yesterday  is known with the police, not for his jihadist tendencies, but for his psychiatric problems. Yesterday afternoon police searched is house. The man is being held on suspicion of threatening with, making preparations for and attempt to set of an explosive, even though neither the search of the train and station, nor the house search, turned up any explosives.

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DP111 zei

Mohamed Amezian was on the train and tells RTL News that a disturbed man was shouting 'Allahu Akbar'

How does the reporter know that the man was "disturbed" i.e., insane. This is the standard excuse provided by the relatives and friends of Muslims caught in the process of Jihadi activity.

Have we become so dhimmified that we now provide excuse.

This type of activity is rapidly gaining popularity among Muslims. It has the advantage of disrupting travel while carrying no real penalty, specially if the perpetrator is a Muslim.


A male Muslim passenger, stands up and sits down while airplane is in flight, looking agitated.

A man walks through security ignoring calls for him to stop

A man locks himself in an airplane toilet, then shouts Allahu Akhbar.

In the idiotic PC world we inhabit, none of the above is criminal, but it causes panic and justifiable security responses, as the perpetrator is a Muslim. What we see is the beginning of the understanding that Muslim presence itself, is the cause of the anxiety, brought on by the Jihadi activity of Muslims.

What should follow from this is that Muslims, innocent or otherwise, do not belong in the West.

DP111 zei

I now see that a Muslim was reporting the incident. Well that explains his conclusion that the perp was "disturbed".

Klein Verzet zei

Hey DP,

Well, no explosives were found. And the way he reportedly behaved does not really agree with what we know of dedicated suicide bombers (asking for cigarettes, shouting 'I love Hollanders, fuck Bin Laden').

This is a bloke with some serious issues (apart from being muslim, I mean).

DP111 zei

It does not matter if the guy had explosives ir not. All it requires now ois for some man looking like a Muslim, to behave in the manner I outlined in the first post. That is all that is required to initiate a full security response. So what happens

1. No explosives are found

2. we get accused of iskamophobia

3. Pay compensation maybe

But the problem is that we have to initiate a full security response just in case it is a real terrorist. By this method, the Jihadis get the effect they desire - shut down and disable the transport system of the West, while accusing the West of Islamophobia.

Klein Verzet zei

I agree that yesterdays reaction to the man out into sharp focus how weary we are of islamic violence.

But let's try to not make a mountain out of a mole-hill (or make an elephant of a mosquito, as the Dutch equivalent goes): From all the reports and eyewitness accounts, this guy was a couple of cards short of a full deck. There is no reason to see the black hand of the Muslim Brotherhood or the OIC in all this.

DP111 zei

Agreed that this man may be short of a full deck. However, the problem still remains - any Muslim by just behaving oddly, can initiate a full security response, shutting the airport etc. No membership of al Qaeda or Muslim Brotherhood, just a nice little prank to keep the Infidels jumpy.

Meanwhile, we get accused of Islamophobia, pay compensation, while the perp laughs his way to the bank, having done a good days Jihad.


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