Coup de grace by a party most deserving

In De Telegraaf today an article that may mean the definitive end to the credibility of the Anthropogenic Global Warming hypothesis: What do you mean warming? (NL)
A large, world-wide decline in the number of weather stations since 1990 explains an important part of the measured warming on Earth since that time.

According to American research the number of measuring stations dived from 6,000 to 1,500. Because weather data from rural areas, higher altitude places and sites close to the North pole no longer factor into the world average, is seems the calculated temperature has come out too high.

From around 1990, when thousands of stations were dropped from the calculations, the mean temperature shoots up.
This is the latest in a string of blunders, mishaps and falsehoods that have evidently crept into IPCC AR4, touted as THE most well-researched and vetted scientific publication in human history. Just yesterday it came out that the IPCC AR4 report used exaggerated and actually completely unfounded numbers, when describing the Netherlands as 'being susceptible to both sea-level rise and river flooding because 55% of its territory is below sea level where 60% of its population lives and 65% of its Gross National Product (GNP) is produced'. In actual fact, only 20% of our damp corner lies below sea level, which represents 19% GNP.

The report has a number of Dutch MP's up in the curtains, quite lividly demanding an independent inquiry into the IPCC. Liberal conservative MP Helma Neppérus (VVD): 'This time around a weak letter from minister Cramer will not do', according to Elsevier (NL). In that item, declaring 'Global warming is measuring error', the magazine describes the credibility of the IPCC as being in an 'unstoppable free-fall'.

The charming aspect of this latest controversy, is that the coup de grace to AGW credibility in the Netherlands is delivered by the massive paper on surface station data by Jim d'Aleo and Anthony Watts. The latter is of course well-known for his blog, often referenced on KV, Watts up with that, WUWT for short. That these two gentlemen are responsible for the final death blow to the AGW hypothesis in the Netherlands is nothing short of deserved.

[UPDATE001] It appears that at least the Dutch do not believe any more. A poll by the public broadcast radio show posed the statement 'The IPCC report is still credible'. Only one in five agreed (pictured above). A good 80% have lost faith in the IPCC report, which pretty much spells bad news for our current government and authorities and their 'green' agenda (poll permalink).

[UPDATE002] And there she goes: India to pull out of IPCC.
India has threatened to pull out of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and set up its on climate change body because it "cannot rely" on the group headed by its own Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr R K Pachauri.
[UPDATE003] Unfortunately, our minister Cramer absolutely refuses to face up to reality. In a speech to climate scientists today (NL), she stated:
With all the controversy we must not forget that the most important conclusions still stand. The climate changes, the earth is warming, that is caused for the most part by human activity, and we need to intervene.
The only nugget of truth in that pig-headed and (deliberately) misleading statement is: 'the climate changes'. Yes it does, but 1) not in the direction you and all the other loathsome neo-marxists said it would and 2) it has always changed and it will in the future. And there is nothing, NOTHING, we ought to do about it. Because we can't.

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DP111 zei

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Klein Verzet zei

Thanks for that, DP. Just the link I needed to make the point about the 'string of blunders, mishaps and falsehoods'.

Mike zei

Yeah, except for the fact that they completely misunderstood the way global warming numbers are computed in these compilations. Please read:


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