Every bit as complicit

Today Elsevier revealed (NL) that the Dutch delegation that co-wrote the IPCC report was not exactly balanced. Of the 110 expert reviewers and lead authors in the delegation a grand total of one (1) was of the sceptical variety: Dr. Hans Labohm. The  other 109 were all from the alarmist persuasion.

What's worse: Four members of the delegation were noted (notorious) climate activists: Donald Pols (Milieudefensie),  Steve Sawyer and Sven Teske (Greenpeace) and Arjette Stevens (Natuur en Milieu). The four co-wrote recommendations on climate-related policies. Policies that were adopted by minster Jacqueline Cramer, who herself originates from environmental activist circles.

Other members of the delegation (handsomely compensated by our government for travel and living expenses with tax-payers money), were environmental and climate scientists, who, according to Elsevier, are profiting from the commotion around global warming as described in the controversial IPCC report. Among them the Dutch Royal Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and four consultants who make a living giving 'climate advise'.

At least the Dutch government evidently did nothing to ensure a balanced, scientifically responsible delegation. Instead they sent in a number of environmental activists, who in all likelihood worked tirelessly to colour the IPCC report in the shade they prefer (green, to be perfectly superfluous). If the Dutch situation is exemplary, conclusions must be drawn that national governments are every bit as complicit in the IPCC debacle as are the UN and the scientists involved.

These new revelations have further irritated an already flustered parliament. Liberal conservative MP Helma Neppérus (VVD) has demanded our intrepid PM, Jan Peter Balkenende, to explain (NL) the situation around the IPCC and the Dutch delegation co-writing it. Originally this was supposed to be done by minister Cramer, but Second Chamber does not trust her to give a full account anymore:
I want to hear from the prime minister what is what. Not from minister Jacqueline Cramer, because that would be something like a butcher grading his own meat.
Which seems to be a bit of a habit for minister Cramer. Earlier she announced an 'independent inquiry' into the IPCC shenanigans. And inquiry to be held by the very agency that gave the IPCC the exaggerated numbers on the effects of global warming on the Netherlands.

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