Gouda pays Moroccan youth not to riot

Vlad has the news of this latest absurdity in EN:
Europe News… GOUDA, 17/02/10 – Gouda local council has given criminal Moroccan teenagers money to stop causing trouble. “We wanted to prevent matters from escalating further,” said the council yesterday.
Some dozens of young Moroccans waylaid and robbed passers-by in December. They were ‘bought off’ by the municipality to keep them off the street around New Year’s Eve. They received a combined 2,250 euros, shoved into an envelope, to organise a party, De Telegraaf reported yesterday.
Gouda has confirmed that it paid the troublemakers. “We wanted to prevent maters from escalating further. The youngsters themselves had presented a budget for the party. They had to say how much money they needed for hiring a disc-jockey, a bite to eat and drinks. For us, it was important that it should be quiet in the district around the turn of the year.”
According to the council, it had to act quickly. “Although the money was handed over in cash, it was well-spent. Everyone was happy afterwards. We also gave five Moroccans a gift voucher for a book shop afterwards as a thank-you,” says a spokeswoman.
Further comment would be superfluous, wouldn't it?

3 reacties:

DP111 zei

I'm sure shoving any money in a brown paper envelope given away by a local government as a bribe, is breaking some kind of law. It must do, or everyone would be doing it.

Fear followed by Jizya.

Next they will be tying damsels to stakes in Gouda, for the Green dragon to devour. How many damsels? One or ten a day? We would like to know.

johndoe124 zei

Seems implicit that the local constabulary is not up to the job of maintaining peace. Maybe they're money would have been better spent if they had hired the local chapter of the Hell's Angels.

rjf zei

Well, someone has elected the members of this council. If that's the type of solutions local people want to see, let them have it. And if that's not what they want, then why would they keep on supporting the same parties over and over? "Everyone was happy afterwards" - fine with me :) I'm not Dutch


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