On the Murder of Geert Wilders

Diana West reported a story to the world about a 'spoof' trailer for a film about the murder of Geert Wilders, made by Radio FunX director Willem Stegeman (p). The original story was published by Radio Netherlands, a public broadcaster not adverse to an occasional bout of Wilders-bashing. Gates of Vienna picked up the story, including the PVV's (understandably irritated) reaction to the 'trailer'.

Reader DP111 asks what to make of this:
Is this a deliberate plan to intimidate Wilders or a plan to provoke the Dutch?
In my humble opinion it is neither. Diana pretty much nails it, when she qualifies both the film and the maker as 'grotesque'.

The story didn't receive much attention in the Netherlands. Mainly because we've seen it all a million times before. Left-wing activist with a point to make, resorting to 'satire' to get some attention. The trouble is that leftwing activist, especially those of the holier-then-thou, multicult, high horse variety, have absolutely no sense of humour to speak of. This is probably true for the world, but is especially true in the Netherlands.

Humour in the Netherlands already is severely underdeveloped. Dutch 'situation comedy' usually produce no more then a willing smile. The big TV hits, comedy wise, are all American and British., as are the sketch shows. Dutch 'humour' is often too crude, too vulgar to actually be funny. That is why we couldn't do a decent remake of 'Have I got News for You' or 'QI', even if our life depended on it. Both made it to Dutch TV, both bombed. And both drove viewers back to the originals on the BBC in massive numbers.

To that underdeveloped sense of humour, we must add the interminable urge to be 'edgy', a national compulsive disorder the Dutch contracted during the sixties. This compulsive urge murders any nugget of true humour, by putting it in crude and vulgar terms, just so as to 'shock' the ordinary citizen, who is deemed not sophisticated enough to 'get' the self-styled cultural elite. This has been with us for 40 years now. And rather then shock, it merely invokes a shrug and a yawn in the Dutch.

Which is why the story about the 'spoof' gained little traction in the Netherlands. It is a puerile, 'edgy' bit of media-making by a left-wing , multicult member of the self-appointed cultural elite, who rides in on his high horse, having a point to make. Not realizing he has absolutely no sense of humour (or good taste for that matter), he puts his point forward too crudely and vulgar to be of any effect. He is the equivalent of a four-year old repeating the word 'poop!' over and over, and giggling at himself for doing so. Tiresome, it is. Annoying it is too. But it is not that important.

There is another aspect to this story. FunX, the station that that produced the puerile 'spoof', was set up (and is supported) by public money to attract 'a young urban audience'. This audience is largely of non-Dutch descent. But the station itself (like its head) is of the lily-white native Dutch variety. This mismatch is probably the reason why the station has been languishing, not able to attract enough of an audience to justify its existence. Producing the 'spoof', a more elaborate version of those Wilders-bashing youtube vids by talentless street scum who mistake themselves for 'musicians' because they know how to reproduce a 'rhyme' of questionable quality, may have been a misguided attempt to ingratiate the station with the target audience and hence attract more listeners.

All in all, the 'spoof' is garnering a level of attention that is completely unwarranted. However, the fact that the Mr. Stegeman felt inspired to produce this bit of atrocious 'satire' illustrates the absolutely rotten, cold-hearted and unforgiving atmosphere that permeates Dutch public debate.

Diana West also notices this, pointing to the decidedly unflattering photo Radio Netherlands chose to portray the intended victim in the 'spoof'.
Of course, the grotesquerie of Stegeman and his "spoof" are not the main story (...) Almost as breath-taking is the nasty photo of Wilders with which RNW, supposedly a news organization, illustrates the story.
Which points out the main cause of the rotten state of public debate in the Netherlands. It isn't Geert Wilders, or the PVV. It is those that oppose him. Intellectually unable to find any legitimate, civilized means to oppose him, they resort to violence and threats of violence. And in this they show us exactly who the enemies of civilization really are. It is quite the irony that Wilders stands accused of 'inciting hatred', while having to put up with the likes of Mr. Stegeman. Who will drag Mr. Stegeman and radio FunX before a judge?

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DP111 zei

Intellectually unable to find any legitimate, civilized means to oppose him, they resort to violence and threats of violence. And in this they show us exactly who the enemies of civilization really are.

Do you think then that it may have the unintended consequence of getting the Dutch thoroughly riled against the Left.

At what temperature does the Dutch frog jump?

Actually the last question could be asked to any non-Muslim country blessed with cultural diversity that Muslims bring.

snouck zei

This is a very good post. I have nothing to add. Good description of the state our nation is in and you provide a lot of depth. My compliments!



Klein Verzet zei

Snouck, thank you, sir.


Stunts like this so seem to have that effect, even if it is small.

The Dutch frog will not jump out any time soon, I don't think. Many in Holland are thoroughly fed up by non-integrating muslims making ridiculous demands. But they are told again and again by Dutch and EUnion authorities that they are racist xenophobes for feeling the way they do. And hence, they sit still and try not to notice the increasing temperature.


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