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From the Telegraaf (NL) we learn that PvdA state secretary Frans 'lying bastard' Timmermans called upon parties not willing to cooperate with Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom to band together.
The PVV may govern in or support a new cabinet, as Wilders has indicated. To Timmermans this must not become a reality. In his eyes the Netherlands are on a knifes edge, because Wilders wants to marginalize groups if the population.

"It's a historic moment if Wilders succeeds in entering the country's government", accrding to Timmermans. According to him the PVV is more extremen then Pim Fortuyns LPF. The latter thought that immigrants should adapt, whereas Wilders goes for assimilation. That would mean giving up their identity.

Timmermans feels that the CDA and VVD ought to make clear how they feel about cooperation with the PVV. According to him, these two parties are "enormously misty" about this issue. Not that this is about a cordon sanitaire, according to Timmermans. He feels it is not undemocratic to use democratic means to prevent certain schools of thought from gaining influence in government.
The notion that there are actual people with actual opinions about matters political is completely alien to Frans Timmermans. He has already shown this in the way he actively contributed to denying the Dutch a say in the ratification of the Turnip the Lisbon Treaty. Thus it isn't much of a surprise that he can't see beyond the The Hague bubble. Oblivious to the world around him he's calling for the political classes to conspire in ignoring the opinion of at least one-fifth of the Dutch.

In the mean time, the CDA has already signalled (NL) their willingness to leave open all options, making Timmermans 'not a cordon sanitaire' a non-starter. Says CDA fraction leader Pieter van Geel:
We exclude no-one. We don't want a cordon sanitaire, which Mr. Bos seems to be aiming for.
Note also that van Geel seems to be aware that Timmermans is the sock-puppet of our erstwhile minister of Finance.

This is how the PvdA thinks it will save iself from ignominious defeat? Stop making me laugh, I'm hurting!

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DP111 zei


I notice a new trend in Western democracies, from Australia to the USA, to ignore the will and opinion of the electorate. This can also mean obfuscation or deliberate misinterpretation of the opinions of the electorate.

1. In America, we see Obama and his merry band of socialists, deliberately ignoring the will of the people, and trying to impose a socialist nightmare on the people.

2. The EU. What can one say here. The EU was designed from the bottom up to be a supra-government, to be unrepresentative and unresponsive to the will of the people.

3. Australia - K. Rudd's Labour government is doing what Britain's Labour has done.

Klein Verzet zei

Yes, I've noticed this too. However, I am not convinced (yet) this is due to increasing lack of integrity in politicians in de West. It might equally well be a function of the citizenry being more aware, due to the availability of a lot more information than is provided by just the MSM.

It may be a little of both. During the latter years of the last century the political classes have maybe gotten a little too comfortable. During those years increasingly the MSM was absorbed into the political process, ensuring a press that was less critical (lest they lose access to key political players). In the process the MSM changed roles, from representing a critical population to explaining policies to a critical population.

We saw this most clearly in the process leading up to the ratification of Lisbon. All major MSM outlets (in the Netherlands at least) did their level best to sell a EUnion constitution as a desirable thing, taking no note of the resistance among the population. Instead we had article after news-item explaining to us why we were wrong (and xenophobic and possibly racist) in opposing the EUnions plans.

This resulted in politics getting used to having its way, without the need for proper accountability. Which in turn led to increasing carelessness and disregard of the reality 'on the ground'.

In parallel, the internet as a major source of news and background took of, making for a population that is widely more informed then the political classes (and the MSM) are able understand and appreciate. Stuck in a rut, they just can't fathom why the populatin in general does not believe, does not trust anymore.

Fjordman wrote already three years ago that by their actions the ruling elites have unilaterally torn up the social contract. More and more citizens are starting to realize this fact. It were for the best if both politics and MSM started to realize that the population is not as dumb as they think and that they have to find a way to restore trust. Else we are in for perilous times.

DP111 zei

The AGW scam reveals perfectly what you wrote. That is the complicity of the MSM with governments who were bent on taxing middle income taxpayers of the West, to fund the EU. This scam was always about money, and if the AGW/ACC scam had got through, the EU would have a nice revenue stream coming directly into EU HQ without the inconvenience interference of EU ministers. Besides, as the legislation would have been emanating as an international treaty, it would have been virtually impossible to stop, even if the political complexion of the EU changed from what it is now. in effect, the EU was planning for the day, when for some reason or other, the EU became deeply unpopular, and EU nations refused to cough up for ever more money for the EU. This way, the EU could get its money via the sale of Carbon credits and other such schemes (printing money but not quite seen as printing money). Brilliant.

The gainers from this scam would have been not only the ones I mentioned but big finance houses, Big Oil and major utility companies.

In the days of the Internet, many major newspapers and MSM generally were unable to survive financially, are now owned by major companies. For the major companies, an established MSM with quality writers with connections to the political world, was an asset that they could use to great advantage to further legislation that would benefit them. So it is not surprising that the MSM will support political positions that are advantageous to its master. This is an inevitable outcome.

Now look at this article in the Times on AGW.

Climate campaigners reap what GM sowed
Global warming deniers are defying all the evidence now. But once it was the green movement that rejected science - David Aaronovitch

The author specialises in financial matters. And yet he castigates AGW sceptics as if they were some kind illiterate buffoons. Then read the comments, and the way he is taken down. Aaronovitch
was under the impression that the public are illiterate fools, and he, being a senior commentator in the Times, was high enough to lecture anyone on anything.

He is probably in shock now, suffering from a very damaged and fractured ego. I don't think he is likely to get out of bed for the next few days.

DP111 zei

Link to the Times article


DP111 zei


Whats this?

Christians can’t vote for Wilders, say vicars
Thursday 25 February 2010

A Christian cannot vote for Geert Wilders’ anti-immigration party PVV, say 75% of church leaders in a poll of 1,200 ministers and church workers in the Nederlands Dagblad.


Klein Verzet zei

Yes, That was in the news. I bookmarked a few relevant items on it. Now, if I can just find the time to do some blogging...

DP111 zei

Things are moving fast in the Netherlands.

Stock up on the bare necessities - beer.

Klein Verzet zei

>Stock up on the bare necessities - beer.

Beer doesn't cut it in these times. Whisky, on the other hand, calms the nerves and soothes the soul. Especially if it is of the rich, 12-years and over variety ;-)

DP111 zei

Try Kasteel


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