Teach your children well

From De Dagelijkse Standaard (NL) this delightful item: In the upcoming local elections (March 3) a party calling itself Islam Democrats will compete for city council seats in The Hague. Heading the list of candidates (NL) for ID The Hague is one Dilaver Delikaya.

This character of course has his own social network page. On Hyves as it happens. On his page he has placed some pictures of family life in the Delikaya household. Particularly striking is the picture of ‘Muhamed Gangsta’, reproduced on the right. But there are other, equally quaint pictures here and here.

How old are these little ones? Seven, eight maybe? And how did they come up with the idea of striking these particular poses for the camera of Mr. Delikaya? And what is the message that Delikaya is trying to convey with these pictures?

Why should we allow a character like Mr. Delikaya to foul the political scene in The Hague with his presence? And lastly: Why isn't Mrs. Els Lucas pressing charges for 'incitement to hatred and violence'?

Questions... question...

[UPDATE001] Unfortunately, the pictures were already removed by the time I saw the DDS item. Links to the pictures are from a mirror provided by DDS. MSM reporting by the Algemeen Dagblad here (NL).

[UPDATE002] More on this on the NewsReal.

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snouck zei


By what principle is it wrong what is going on here? There are many pictures of me and my friends at that age with toy guns.



Klein Verzet zei

>There are many pictures of me and my friends at that age with toy guns.

Yep, I too have had pictures of myself taken with me holding a bright blue plastic M16 replica that was my favourite when we were playing 'soldier', way back in nineteen-diggety-doo.

Principally there is nothing wrong with kids owning toy guns. But: context is everything.

- Why was an adult taking pictures of these boys striking these militant poses?
- Why did this adult subsequently post them publicly on his Hyves?

You have to admit, that picture of the kid holding two guns to his head while trying to look as dead-serious as he can, is as creepy as hell.


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