Throwing the book

There seems to be manoeuvring afoot to make noted climatologist railway engineer RK Pachauri step down as head of the IPCC. WUWT passes on the news from The Telegraph that Pachauri is to face an independent enquiry. According to the Wall Street Journal the IPCC will take steps to avoid 'oversimplifications' of climate change and its causes.
Even some who agree with the IPCC conclusion that humans are significantly contributing to climate change say the IPCC has morphed from a scientific analyst to a political actor. "It's very much an advocacy organization that's couched in the role of advice," says Roger Pielke, a University of Colorado political scientist. He says many IPCC participants want "to compel action" instead of "just summarizing science."
In the mean time, Pachauri has cancelled high-profile visit to the US, fuelling rumours of his imminent resignation. The big (and possibly fatal) blow to his credibility is gleefully delivered by Dr. North today, in a piece that details how much UK taxpayer money has been lavished on Pachauri and his employer TERI. And thus we await the day that this scumbag finally will stop denying the undeniable and hand in his papers...

Elsewhere, In the US civil and criminal cases are being prepared against Professor Phil Jones, chief climatologists at the UK’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU), University of East Anglia, Professor Michael E. Mann of Penn. State University and former U.S. vice president, Al Gore. Details of the cases can be found here.

In a delicious irony, the laws used in the cases brough forth are part of the RICO Act: the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. These were originally enacted to bust Mafia crimes. The AGW movement equivalent to a mob crime family? Now there's an apt comparison.

And so we are entering the stage where the whole green movement is exposed for what it is: a fraud to extort. It is now getting the book thrown at it. One hopes: Hard and continuously.

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