Wilders trial: Court rejects 15 out of 18 witnesses for the defence

In the second session of the trial against Geert Wilders, the Amsterdam court disallowed 15 of the 18 witnesses that the defence of Wilders wanted to put on the stand, among them Mohammed Bouyeri, murderer of Theo van Gogh. Other muslim-extremists were also disallowed as witnesses for the defence. Even the experts on law, requested by Wilders team were rejected.

The only witnesses allowed by the court are three (out of eight originally requested) experts on islam. However, one of these three is Wafa Sultan, according to Dutch News.That'll make for some spectacular (and for the PC multi-cult crowd quite uncomfortable) viewing.

Challenged by the defence that the court had no jurisdiction over Wilders, the court ruled in favour of itself. While Wilders' attorney argued that Wilders in an MP and hence subject to the High Council only, the court judged otherwise arguing Wilders is prosecuted for statements outside of parliament.

"Evidently this court is not interested in the truth", reacted Wilders, "I can only conclude that the court will not allow me a fair trial".

Source: 'Rechtbank bevoegd in zaak-Wilders' (NL)

[UPDATE001] Reporting in EN here and here.

[UPDATE002] A new international website on the Wilders trial is here: wildersontrial.com

[UPDATE003] The list of rejected witnesses can be found at the bottom of this item (NL). Most notable among them (for those in the counter-jihad): Andrew Bostom, Robert Spencer and Al-Qaradawi. Too bad about mr. Bostom and mr. Spencer. Would have been quite something to see them in a Dutch court telling our authorities what's what.

[UPDATE004] Robert Spencer reacts:
Hans Jansen's work on Islam is superb and groundbreaking, and he will be an excellent witness, as will Admiraal and the exemplary freedom fighter Wafa Sultan. Nonetheless, this decision indicates the court's bias against Wilders, and so does not bode well for him.
[UPDATE005] Sit Henry Morgan wonders on VFR:
given the restrictions on his defence that you describe, he should refuse to participate in the trial--i.e. no defence. Just sit there and watch and listen. This will give the trial the appearance of one of Stalin's or Hitler's show trials. (...)

But liberals conducting show trials that restrict or prohibit the defendant from defending himself? How "reasonable" and "liberal" is that?
[UPDATE006] Diana West:
Trying Geert Wilders, a once-valiant Holland is leading the way, forsaking the freedoms of the West for the objectives of the ummah.

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Sir Henry Morgan zei


This, and my added comment may interest you:


It is, of course, a high-risk gambit for Wilders personally. But given his profile in the Netherlands (indeed - in the world) it is not as high-risk as if I was to do this. And in the long run, it is for him a "win" gambit.

Provided the case garners sufficient publicity.

Trencherbone zei

Towards a better understanding of Islam: http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/everything-you-need-to-know-about-islam.html

Klein Verzet zei

Sir H.

Thanks for that. It *is* a risky proposition, since the Dutch tend to view silence as agreement. Besides, knowing Wilders (limited as that is) he'll fight and argue for what he's worth. Whatever his failings, he is not a coward.


That is some resource you've built up there. I'm including it in the Resources page.

DP111 zei

This is a hopeless prosecution of Wilders.

If Wilders is convicted of defaming the Koran, he wins, as the Koran itself is evidence that the conviction is wrong.

If Wilders is declared innocent or the prosecution charged for bringing a malicious and hopeless charge, Wilders claim, that the Koran is akin, nay worse then Mein Kamph, stands.

From the very beginning, from the moment that a decision was made to bring Wilders to court, the government/prosecution had already lost. Round 1 to Wilders by a large majority.

The court's decision to remove 15 expert witnesses, the court and prosecution lost -shot themselves in the foot, so to speak. Standing count to court/prosecution/government - Round 2 to Wilders

Round 3 to start - Lets see what happens.

DP111 zei

Another thought. If Wilders is convicted, as I've stated, he actually win.

But NOW he can appeal the conviction on several grounds, one being that his expert witnesses were not allowed. More trouble for the government, as this drags the trial and adverse publicity to even greater heights, as well as makes PVV more popular. There is no end to this.

I sometimes get the suspicion that the Dutch government is doing this deliberately, for they must know by now, that the future of the Netherlands is bleak.

Its win, win , win all the way, even if he is convicted. The more he is convicted the greater and more politically powerful he becomes.

There is hope for the Netherlands and Europe.

DP111 zei


VFR has it that the trial is adjourned till June. Where does this news appear?

I'm sure there is consternation in government at the way this trial is likely to proceed, if that is that they already knew it beforehand, and planned it that way.

What is most certain is that the Islamic umma in the Netherlands, as well Europe, must be deeply concerned about this trial, for they know what this actually portends. It wouldn't surprise me in the least, that they are beseeching the government to stop the trial on some grounds - any grounds, for the continuation of this trial is a threat to Islam and the umma in Europe. If the government hasn't planned this all along, and actually is more concerned about the welfare of the umma then the Netherlands, it is in a deep fix. If they abort, and the news comes out that it was done because of applications from the umma, then they are both sunk. If they don't, they are sunk anyway.

Klein Verzet zei


I absolutely agree with you that the prosecution of Wilders was a losing proposition from the beginning. As you say: If he wins, he wins; if he loses he wins just the same. There is a point to be made that a conviction would remove Wilders from the political equation. But I doubt that our that our authorities are that stupid or short-sighted.

Klein Verzet zei


VFR has it that the trial is adjourned till June. Where does this news appear?

I hadn't seen this either, but apparently the trial will resume somewhere between July 1st and October 31st, depending on the availability of the three witnesses WIlders was allowed. According to Snouck, where I got the information from, resumption depends on when Wafa Sultan will be able to come over.

DP111 zei

Thanks KV
Now isn't that interesting. I would have thought Wafa Sultan would be able to come to the Netherlands whenever the court required her to - that is generally the case. It is a question of respecting the court.

I think that the court and government are attempting to kick this trial into the long grass.
What say you?


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