Arctic sea ice nearing 9 year high

On our Resources page, down at the bottom, there's a nifty link to the IJIS webpage tracking the extent of Arctic sea-ice. You know, that ice that AlGore is still predicting to have disappeared completely within now and very soon.

Clicking on the link will bring you to a graph (reproduced below), showing the current Arctic sea ice level in comparison to the levels of years before, back to 2002. And clicking on it today we find that as it currently stands (March 31), 2009 Arctic sea ice extent matches that of 2002, which coincidentally is the year with the largest ice mass for this period.

Thus it seems that news of the demise of the North Pole are greatly exaggerated. Something you won't see on TV, hear on the radio or read in the paper, of course.

[UPDATE001] In the mean time, realizing that the AGW game is about up, those same lovely people are now regrouping for another assault on our environmental guilt: More CO2 causes 'ocean acidification' <insert wailing and gnashing of teeth here>. Head on over to WUWT for more, including the comments, which will point out how to quickly and easily debunk this latest attempt at green scare-mongering. '... second time as farce...', indeed!

[UPDATE002] Richard North reminds us that while the debate on the science of AGW is back in full swing, with the 'sceptics' seemingly on the winning side, the AGW agenda is still alive and kicking, hardly bruised by the blows to he science of climate change of the last few months:
The climate change scare is merely a front used to conceal on the one hand and, on the other, to legitimise a far more sinister movement which has at its root politics, power and money. (...)

The worst of this is that, to be implemented – even if on a phased basis – none of these measures need popular approval or legislative assent, other than the introduction of cap and trade in the US which, despite reports to the contrary, is still going ahead. Almost all the enabling mechanisms are already in place.

The danger – the very great danger – is that the sceptics who believe they are winning, and the many who believe that this is about science, and even global warming, are failing to understand what is going on, right under their noses. So far, we haven't laid a glove on them.

And that is depressing.
Freedom requires eternal vigilance, as a philosopher once said.

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DP111 zei

Well worth a read

he land of perpetual crisis - by Richard...

DP111 zei


I dont think the AGW scam is going to go away soon. Far too much investment, both political and financial is at stake- to the tune of trillions.

Then there is control of nations and people, and political agendas that are not clear at the moment.

I have always been suspicious that there was a window of opportunity for the Leftists to impose a marxist government throughout the West. This window is a short one with the election of Obama, a democrat majority in both houses in America, and a virtual Left monopoly in the EU. They have about 6 months more before the November election in America. In that time there will be a concerted effort to re-sign the Kyoto protocols, with America on board.

DP111 zei


Even if America is unable to sign because of the Senate in the US, the EU, which does not respect public opinion, in fact is highly allergic to it, will sign up, and the merry raising of taxes ie robbing taxpayers to further political ends will continue.

Stecker zei

After watching 5 min of the Surreal Irony that is "Climate Change Gone Dutch", one realises that the Dutch cannot turn back now..they take this foolishness too seriously..

Klein Verzet zei

Good grief, but that is a sad bit of video! I had heard about this event, and how it had bombed. But that it was this pathetic I would never have expected...

I would post it as an illustration, but that'd be just too embarrassing...

Klein Verzet zei

As to your previous comments, DP: I think you are right. Political inertia, in particular with something as top-heavy as the EUnion, will ensure the implementation of 'green targets'. Especially, when AGW has been the excuse for the onset of global 'govermance' ever since Kyoto. Back in '97 Jacques Chirac let the cat out of back. Unfortunately nobody (especially not the MSM) was paying any attention. What's more, most people aren't even today. That EURef post is hence a sobering reminder of what is actually at stake.

hermanbenschop zei

Well, the English parliament passed the Climate Change Act in October last year without asking about the costs. These costs have finally been estimated bij Milliband. It will cost a meagre € 859,- for each English household. Every year. For forty years. And noboby is paying attention.

DP111 zei

Richard North at EU Referendum was mildly optimistic a few backs back, under the impression that Climategate will stop the mad Gadarene rush.

Not a bit. It is full steam ahead. Check out EU Ref.

DP111 zei

As expected, our EU masters are going to drive the Euro cattle over the brink, in their mad determination to deter what they believe is Global Climate change.

They actually believe that they can affect the climate. King Canute, we need you.

DP111 zei

KV and all readers

What do you consider the greatest threat that Europe faces, in order of degree of the threat.

1. Islam

2. The EU

3. AGW policies

4. Any other

Once you have decided this, then which of these would you use to stymie the more dangerous threat? Think along we used Stalin against Hitler.


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