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Yesterday (Friday, March 5) Wilders once again graced the British Isles with a visit. Wilders was there to visit Britain's House of Lords to screen his anti-Islamic film Fitna. The text of the speech to the House of Lords is on page II of KV (thanks to the PVV press office for sending it).

An overview of British MSM reporting is here. Photo's of the EDL demo in support of Wilders can be found here. An excerpt of the press conference is given in the video above. The BBC even had the audacity to show a fragment of 'Fitna'.

A Gates of Vienna reader on his way to the EDL demo, had a brief encounter with Geert Wilders.The EDL demo was largely peaceful. Some yobs were trying to stir up trouble. Funnily enough, it wasn't Wilders supporters trying to do so. As to the character of the EDL demo in support of Geert Wilders: That is probably best summed up by GoV reader Harry:
I marched today with my indian friend, next to a muslim apostate and a young girl with an Israeli flag. At the end I was thanked by a nice lady old enough to be my grandmother, sometimes I love this country, great day.
Which perfectly illustrates that doubts about islam settling in Europe is shared by many more then is usually acknowledged in the MSM.

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