Who owns the science?

On EURef a post asking an important questions: Who owns the science?

Detailing the emergence of yet another tranzi organisation, it admits to only scratching the surface in asserting that EUnion spending on 'desirable' climate change research is running into tens of millions of euros.
Unsurprisingly, when it comes to the Global Research Alliance, the EU is heavily involved and plans to support it with secretarial assistance. It is seen as an opportunity to coordinate funds and activities, the EU priding itself on "its long experience in bringing together national research programmes to tackle shared problems."

So, yet another transnational body is in the making, detaching still further the research effort from its national base, blurring the lines of responsibility and destroying the last vestiges of accountability. And there lies the greatest of all dangers. Too often, we hear ministers tell us that they must be "guided by the science". But, we have to ask, who owns this science – and who is it working for? It is no longer ours, and it does not work for us.
Yet another reason to fight for the reinstatement of the nation state as the guiding unit of (geo-) political endeavors.

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