Iran on the UN Human Rights Council?

Claudia Rosett has some news that would indicate we have collectively gone down the rabbit hole:
On May 13 the United Nations General Assembly will choose the next batch of countries to join the UN’s 47-member Human Rights Council in Geneva. Iran has entered the running, as one of five candidates for four seats up for grabs this year by “Asian States.” (...) The other four candidates are Malaysia, the Maldives, Qatar and Thailand. (...)

There’s been no sign of serious reform to date; on the contrary, the Human Rights Council has carried on with its usual fixation on Israel, hailed the deeply flawed “Goldstone Report” on Gaza, pursued the UN crusade to gag free speech via “anti-blasphemy” rules, and featured the usual grandstanding by members such as Cuba — which in any sane setting would be drummed out of any chamber genuinely dedicated to human rights.

For Iran to join the Human Rights Council would further warp the workings of the UN itself, and provide yet another platform and global amplifier for the Tehran regime. It would also send a terrible, disheartening message to dissidents inside Iran.

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Alex G Rowley zei

Aren't there some form of standards a country has to uphold to gain entrance onto the Human Rights Council?
If Iran was to gain a place, wouldn't they have to prove to the UN that they weren't breaking every Human Right possible?
I guess there must be a system in place, but I'm as worried as you that if they can find a way in, it would make a joke out of the HRC.

Guy Gadbois zei

All western civilised countries should drop off UN or rather close down the bloody organisation. It has by far outlived it's best-before- sell day.

DP111 zei

The UN is likely to continue despite its totally corrupt internal structure. This is partly due to the corrupt kleptocracies that make up its membership, as well as its own unaccountable structure.

Over time, the UN swill become increasingly more corrupt, if that is possible, but no one will withdraw, as the lure of corruption is too strong for some, and bureaucratic inertia for others.

Like the League of Nations, the UN will fall, when a major war erupts that pits one group of nations against another. When that happens, it is the end of the UN.

DP111 zei

KV and all readers

What do you consider the greatest threat that Europe faces, in order of degree of the threat.

1. Islam

2. The EU

3. AGW policies

4. Any other

Once you have decided this, then which of these would you use to stymie the more dangerous threat? Think along we used Stalin against Hitler.

Klein Verzet zei

DP (and everyone else),

As you may have noticed from the absence of regular posting I am not able at this point in time to devote a lot of attention to the blog and the blogosphere ate large (mad busy at my daytime job and Real Life (tm). Hopefully that will quiet down soon).

My answer to your question would be 4., with 1.- 3. being symptoms of the ailment that has beset our nations and our leaders.

I don't care much about conspiracy theories, but it seems to me that Western leadership has been feeding from the same - misguided - ideological trough. Who is filling that particular trough I do not know, but he/she/it is no friend of us, of freedom, of humanity.

The UN, the EU and Common Purpose are expressions of the same anti-humanitarian tendency posing as civilization, that is making our lives increasingly miserable. If we get a handle on he common factor behind these three, we will be able to mount a defence. But to my mind a proper identification (or diagnosis, if you want) is still lacking. So we keep plucking away at the problem...

DP111 zei

4. Any other

Interesting. I didn't expect that.

What could "Any other" be? If you don't believe in conspiracy theories, then the answer, the fault and the remedy, is not outside, or in some foreign malign agent, but in ourselves.

We turned away from faith, and put ourselves in place of God. We have worshiped ourselves, and pride (Hubris) is the natural consequence of self-worship. Nemesis follows Hubris

Drone zei

It doesn't matter, Iran will leave the race anyway. They know they are not credible.

Philip Zhao zei

Giving a chastity award to a whore !!


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