Predictable and inevitable

In the wake of the debacle that was the response to the cloud of vulcanic ash (was there even one?), the EUnion reacts in an entirely predictable and inevitable way: What we need is more EUnion. Via EURef:
[I]n an overt attempt to exploit the crisis, is Siim Kallas, the EU's transport commissioner, saying he will begin working this week with colleagues "to lay out a road map for similar events." While British politicians are immersed in the general election, the "colleagues" are untroubled by such vulgar processes and can focus on expanding their own powers.

With weary predictability, Kallas declares that, "We needed a fast, coordinated European response to a crisis." In classic "more Europe" mode, he goes on to say: "Instead, we had a fragmented patchwork of 27 national airspaces. We need a single European regulator for a single European sky." Thus he will propose speeding up the plan to unify control over all European airways.
Dr. North is calling it 'another power grab', writing that there is no problem or crisis which cannot be perverted into yet another opportunity to increase the hold the EUnion has over our lives. And, by the time our own politicians have even begun to focus, the game may well be over.

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