Sometimes it is very simple...

David Horowitz is confronted by a female member of the UCSD Muslim Student Association. It all sounds reasonable and friendly enough, even if it is a lot of wide-ranging waffle. But then Mr Horowitz reverses the confrontation and elicits a rather shocking admission from the MSA student.

Partial transcript (from 2:50 onwards):
DH: "The head of Hizbollah has said that he hopes that we [Jews] will gather in Israel so he doesn't have to hunt us down globally. FOR IT OR AGAINST IT?"

MSA student: "For it..."

DH "Thank you"
(full transcript at NewsRealBlog)

It doesn't get any clearer then that, does it? These people, the Muslim Brotherhood and all those that are involved and linked to it think this and are the enemy of civilization. Sometimes life *is* that simple...

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DP111 zei

What is really disconcerting, is that Muslims in the West now feel confident enough to openly state their genocidal intentions regarding Jews. No other person could get away with such outright genocidal statements without being prosecuted and persecuted. Yet Muslims are getting away with it, for they know that we have been dhimmified.

Why do they think this?

The answer is that Muslims expected that Islam would be wiped out after 9/11. I remember the panic that set in in the Muslim world as they waited for Armageddon to descend on them. But instead of that, our Western leaders rushed to the mosque and kissed the Koran.

Now if I were a devout Muslim, I would see this outcome as a sign that allah had disarmed the Kuffar, so that the powerful Kuffar West could not use his armed might. Victory was therefore only a matter of time, as allah promised. It is this confidence that allah is on their side and has shown this clearly by disarming the Kuffar, that allows Muslims to openly state genocidal views in the West.

The fact that they still get away with this, confirms their view.

Klein Verzet zei

Yes, I think that is what is so chilling about that video: Evidently muslims in the West feel confident enough to admit out loud a desire that must be the Last Great Taboo in the West. And it is astonishing and more then a little disappointing that nobody (safe for a few heroes like Dr. Horowitz) is confronting this cancerous ideology with the scorn and derision it so rightly deserves.

DP111 zei

Switzerland: Should Islam be banned?

Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche poses the question. The article is available for subscribers, leaving us only with the teaser.

No separation between Church and State, calling for the murder of unbelievers, Mohammed’s massacre of the Jews: Is Islam compatible with our constitution?

Yesterday the minaret ban. Today the burka ban. And tomorrow? The media and politicians stumble from Islam debate to Islam debate. Which Muslim symbol would be on the agenda next? The beard of the prophet? His water-pipe? Or should the wearing of a “takke” be banned, those white prayer caps which the representative of the Central Islamic Council (IZRS) particularly likes to wear in public?

Banning the burqa, or even a discussion on banning the Koran helps in making Muslims feel uncomfortable in the West, and many will leave as a consequence. In that it is good to at least discuss it more often.

It has taken 40 years for us to arrive in the fix we are in. It will take at least a decade to get out of it. Once the process starts though, even a small trickle of of Muslims leaving for their Islamic home, will lead to a flood.

DP111 zei

Islam Scholars Call for Exodus

Because they will soon no longer have the “freedom” to veil themselves in the land of the infidels, the devout are to leave the land of infidels. Such was the counsel of Sheikh Abdurrahman, preacher in the Al-Diraa mosque in the Saudi city of Riyad. This order gets our unlimited support!

Even though this full-body mummification — as we already sense — has nothing to do with Islam, the ban prevents the devout Muslima from her free practice of religion. Is this understood so far? Die WELT reports:

Klein Verzet zei

Thanks for the tip DP. Just blogged it.

DP111 zei

Muslims are so confident that they have conquered Europe, that they openly call for the murder of people.

Muslims In UK Openly Call For Murder Of Dutch Politician Geert Wilders On Public Street In London!


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