Do over? [Updated]

From England Expects:
[On May 6] the European Parliament will vote to confirm an IGC (Intergovernmental Conference) which will take place on June the 17th and 18th in Brussels.
18 extra MEPs. Parliament will decide whether to allow treaty changes increasing the size of the European Parliament to take place without a full Convention (debate Wednesday, vote Thursday).
In this they are supported by the European Commission,

the Commission recommends opening an Intergovernmental Conference as soon as
possible, remaining strictly limited to discussion of the Spanish proposal for a protocol amending Protocol No 36 on Transitional Provisions
That IGC will amend the Lisbon Treaty (Protocol 36). This will require that the Lisbon Treaty be re-ratified by all 27 nations of the European Union.

Once the IGC is over, the new version of the protocol as adopted will have to be ratified by the 27 national parliaments.
Probably too much to hope for, but: Can we have our referendum now?

[UPDATE001] According to Bruno Waterfield, re-ratification may open up the prospect of a UK referendum on the Lisbon Treaty Turnip.
Cameron has promised a popular vote on any new EU text, a high profile manifesto pledge that will be tested to the limits by the return of an amended Lisbon Treaty.
Hence, this new ratification procedure will spell all kinds of trouble for Dave "cast iron guarantee" Cameron. Says Mr Waterfield:
Cameron’s European policy, set out last November, is designed to retain some traditionalist eurosceptic cover while making sure, in reality, that the EU does not become an issue in the next term of the British parliament. Conservative policy on Europe has always been dishonest.
So, the UK will be the one to watch. If Camerons hand is forced, and a UK referendum becomes a reality, things will start to get REALLY interesting.

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