'Effectively the UK is under a form of Sharia'

The website of the English Defence League (EDL) was suspended yesterday, because of an article that describes, with quotes from the Koran and all, how Islam looks on the Kuffar (non-Muslims). The reason for the suspension was given to be that the article ‘contravenes UK racism laws’.

Trevor Kelway, part of EDL senior leadership, writes on Atlas Shrugs:
Apparently the reason provided for this blatant act of censorship was that the article ‘contravenes UK racism laws’. If this is the case then it means one of two things, that the Quran itself contravenes UK racism laws or Islam has an exemption from UK racism laws, and is treated as a special case. Since the Quran is still available for sale on the shelves of UK bookshops it must mean that the latter is true. That being so effectively means that the UK is already under a form of Sharia law which demands that Islam is above criticism and completely outside the realm of rational debate.
Pamela Geller adds:
Slander in Islam does not mean what it means in the West. Slander in Islam is anything that a Muslim decides is an "insult" to Islam. And they are relentless and violent in their imposition of this seventh century tenet of Islam. (...)

The jihad is free to activate, mobilise, preach overthrow of the West, run jihad porn of beheadings and the blowing up of coalition soldiers on the net, but the EDL is shut up and shut down for revealing the truth about quranic verses. Truth begets hatred.
Another sad day in the history of multiculturalism...

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DP111 zei

This is not a sign of confidence, but a sign that the authorities are panicked, particularly with the ability of EDL to raise numbers so quickly.


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