Mass-immigration costs 7.2 billion euros yearly

Figure 3.7. Net total lifetime contribution to the collective sector, according to year of arrival. 
GN = Average Netherlands, NWA = non-western immigrant. From: Nyfer (2010), 'Budgettaire effecten van immigratie van niet-westerse allochtonen', p48.

Last year Geert Wilders caused a bit of a stir when he announced his initiative to assess the cost of mass-immigration to Dutch society from non-western countries. He commissioned a report with research bureau Nyfer, and today the results came in. According to Elsevier (NL):
Mass immigration of non-western immigrants to the Netherlands costs 7.2 billion euro per year. This was shown in research done by research bureau Nyfer.

Nyfer did the research at the request of the PVV fraction in the Second Chamber. The party of Geert Wilders went to the economic research bureau because last year the cabinet refused 'on principal grounds' to make such calculations.

The 7.2 billion euro is based on a yearly net influx of 25,000 immigrants with a same number of offspring.

The research shows that non-western immigramts use more government services and pay less in taxes and premiums than the average Dutch.

Also, they more often are on welfare or receive unemployment benefits. Lastly, non-western immigrants are overrepresented in criminality, which leads to extra costs.
The website of Nyfer is here. The report can be found here (NL; pdf). The conclusions of the research by Nyfer can be found here (NL; pdf). Interestingly (and not in the Elsevier coverage), second-generation immigrants also show a negative contribution. On average, second-generation non-western immigrants recover around 38% of the negative contribution by their parents.

Alexander Pechtold, leader of the flamingly multicultural D66, came back rather forcefully (hah!) when he intoned that non-western immigrants cannot be viewed exclusively as 'a cost item', maintaining that people should not be viewed as 'economic goods in a cost/benefit analysis'. However, given that for years we were told we need immigration to pay for and care for our ageing population, that about-face is a bit on the lame side, isn't it?

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DP111 zei

If we were living in a time when there was no real concern for the economic future, this report would be ignored.

But times are achangin. Financial stress is not far, and doling out billions to lazy, criminal and ungrateful immigrants is not going to be a popular vote winning formula - or will it?

How far has the progressive disease progressed in the NL?

Klein Verzet zei

From what I gather from blogs like EURef, Autonomous Mind, Sub Rosa and Witterings from Whitney, the situation in NL is comparable to the UK: Down on street level there is growing resistance. At the top, however, there seems to be a growing desperate fanaticism to hold on to the multi-cultural mirage.

Universalgeni zei

In Denmark 17 - 20 percent of what we pay in taxes is used to cover expenses connected to immigration. It is virtually impossible to make immigrants from Muslim countries work. And the majority of all immigrants comes from Muslim areas.

That was one in six tax dollars from each and every single one of us!

The Danes can’t afford children of their own because they have to finance the immigrant burden as tax payers. The politicians pick our pockets.

This is serious: The Danes can't afford the number of children they would like to have had.

DP111 zei

Universalgeni wrote: This is serious: The Danes can't afford the number of children they would like to have had.

Yes, you are paying for your own demise.

DP111 zei

Yes, you are paying for your own demise

Has this ever happened in all history? Has a nation's elite ever become so treacherous to its own, that they have systematically robbed their own to subsidise the empowerment of the historic enemies of their own, the very ones who will in future, slit the throats of the indegenous, and rape the unclad Infidel women.

As Richard North keeps stating: "And the reason why we shouldn't slaughter them all?"

Rsd zei

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