So long then...

German news paper Die Welt (D; via PI-news) is reporting that French and Belgian plans to ban the burqa has moved some islamic scholars to call for an 'islamic exodus' from Europe.
Islamic preachers in the conservative Arab states present little sympathy for the planned burka bans in France and Belgium. For most of them, the ban of total body covering is an expression of intolerance against Muslims. A preacher from Saudi Arabia even called for the Muslims in Belgium to exit the country.

Sheikh Abdurrahman, who preaches at the Al-Diraa mosque in the downtown of the Saudi capital Riyad, said: “If a Muslim cannot protect his religion, then he is to emigrate. For the country of God is great.” The Saudi preacher declared later: “If the Muslims living there are not allowed to spread the message of their faith, then they should leave the country of the infidel.”
For once I find myself in total agreement with fanatically orthodox islamic scholars. By all means, if you can't find in yourself the strength and will to fit in here, if you demand we give up pleasures that affront your overdeveloped sensibilities, if you insist we must turn our society into a version of the primitive, inhuman and backward community that seems to be the unique spawn of your faith, if you use and threaten violence whenever your unreasonable demands are not met: Leave... go elsewhere, and let us be. You are not welcome here.

(Thanks to reader DP111 for the tip)

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Guy Gadbois zei

Byeeeeee!!! And may the last one of you close the door behind you, please!

DP111 zei

Without doubt, Germany is the major player in Europe. In fact it is the only manufacturing superpower left in the West, the USA included. The C of G of real power, industrial might, has moved to the East. Germany is the only Western industrial power left. How long can Germany play the insipid weakling when the reality is the opposite?

I'm hoping and praying that Germany will lay aside its timidness, and rescue Europe and the West from the greatest threat Europe has faced - totalitarian Islam. If it does that, the entire Western word will be in debt to Germany. Whichever leader of Germany does so, will go down in history as the hero of the West and the world, along with Charles Martell, Jan Sobieski, and Churchill.

With just this one act, Germany will have paid all its dues and more, much much more.

Topper zei

Lovely. Everything Kaiser Bill and Uncle Adolf wanted, at the behest of the Vatican fanatics, a rebuilt Holy Roman Empire. Are you a really heavy drug user?

DP111 zei

Do you really think that Germany is the same as it was in the days of Hitler?

We are facing a catastrophe in the near future, while you are thinking of the Holy Roman empire.


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