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In the home town of US president Obama a conference is taking place: The 4th International Conference on Climate Change.

Now, you may wonder: An international conference on climate change? Why isn't this all over the news, like the ones in Copenhagen and Bali? The answer, as these things go, is rather easy: This one isn't about making you feel guilty about being alive, earning a living and enjoying the fruits of your labour.
New scientific discoveries are casting doubt on how much of the warming of the twentieth century was natural and how much was man-made, and governments around the world are beginning to confront the astronomical cost of reducing emissions. Economists, meanwhile, are calculating that the cost of slowing or stopping global warming exceeds the social benefits.

The purpose of ICCC-4 is the same as it was for the first three events: to build momentum and public awareness of the global warming “realism” movement, a network of scientists, economists, policymakers, and concerned citizens who believe sound science and economics, rather than exaggeration and hype, ought to determine what actions, if any, are taken to address the problem of climate change.
In short: This is about trying to avoid the unmitigated disaster that the greenies (those in the EUnion and our respective local functionaries included) are poised to inflict on all of us, if we let them. Which is why you won't find any mention of ICC4 in the Dutch MSM (or any other, for that matter).

But never fear: WUWT is live blogging from the conference. Additionally Anthony has many guest posters telling you about the most recent *real* scientific findings, that put the climate change hype into a proper perspective.

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Economists, meanwhile, are calculating that the cost of slowing or stopping global warming exceeds the social benefits.

1. The energy required to 'Stop' global warming is just not available, therefore it cant be done.

2. Even if it could, it will be prohibitively expensive, and at a cost that will make poor people even poorer, and to die as a consequence. Saving the world from AGW, could kill tens of millions lives, as well as other creatures

3. One way to affect climate is to go with the flow. Suppose that instead of the planet warming, it was actually cooling. Then AGW policies will go with the flow, and exacerbate an already dire outcome. Cooling of the planet is far worse then AGW. FAR FAR WORSE.

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