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Tim Cavanaugh: Greek Bailout Already Making Situation Worse

Isn't it about time to start to seriously think about teaming up with Germany and bring back the guilder and the deutschmark? Before the PIGS drag us into the mud with them?

Pajamas' Stephen Green seems to think so:
So it’s probably necessary that the EU bail out Greece, before the contagion spreads any farther. But the only way to stop the rot once and for all requires something more drastic: amputation. And that means abandoning the euro, in as orderly a fashion as is possible.

It’s last call. The party’s over. And it’s long past time for the rowdier guests do the walk of shame back home.
Phase two of this operation would then of course entail hunting down every single politician complicit in surrendering us to this mess. Phase three will be: Executions at dawn.

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