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From Reuters: Muslim states seek UN action on West's "islamophobia"
Muslim states said on Wednesday that what they call "islamophobia" is sweeping the West and its media and demanded that the United Nations take tougher action against it.

Delegates from Islamic countries, including Pakistan and Egypt, told the United Nations Human Rights Council that treatment of Muslims in Western countries amounted to racism and discrimination and must be fought.

"People of Arab origin face new forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance and experience discrimination and marginalisation," an Egyptian delegate said, according to a U.N. summary.

And Pakistan, speaking for the 57-nation Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), said the council's special investigator into religious freedom should look into such racism "especially in Western societies".

Acting for the OIC, Pakistan has tabled a resolution at the council instructing its special investigator on religious freedom "to work closely with mass media organisations to ensure that they create and promote an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for religious and cultural diversity".

The OIC -- and its allies in the 47-nation council including Russia, China and Cuba -- dub criticism of Muslim practices and linking of terrorism waged under the proclaimed banner of Islamism as "islamophobia" that pillories all Muslims.
According to the article the resolution is bound to pass because the OIC and its allies have a majority in the Human Rights Council.

Got that? The United Nations Human Rights Council is dominated by OIC countries (that would be such as Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Lybia and Egypt, where human rights are trodden on with muddy boots in regular intervals) and their allies, including Russia, China and Cuba, three other great examples of the rule of law and utmost dignity for all human life.

And thus we will have the UN substantially (and dangerously) limiting freedoms of dissent in countries where human rights actually mean anything, by countries where they mean something as long as it is politically expedient. Why are we (meaning: the truly democratic West) a member of the UN again?

[Instant Update] Just to remind you of what the OIC actually represents: An interview  with Sam Solomon, by way of Vlad Tepes.

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DP111 zei

Meanwhile ordinary and peaceful Muslims in Muslim countries continue to murder Christians, just as their prophet told them to. The Islamic state continues to arrest and beat Christians to death for being Christians. Any Muslim who converts to Christianity, is likely to be beaten to death by his own family, or by the community, or in the final analysis by the Islamic state.

So let us blame the West for Islamophobia.

I heard somewhere that for the last decade, sun spots are doing weird things. Could this be the cause of the whole of humanity behaving in a highly irrational manner.

Klein Verzet zei

I recently finished reading 'The Irrational Atheists' by Vox Day. He makes a very good point, basically arguing that the highest form of rationality is irrationality. We've abandoned the Supreme being and religion and are left to our own devices. That way insanity lies. Nothing to do with sunspots, I'm afraid.


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