Full HD Dutch MSM in Technicolor

... and in 3D as well.

Via De Dagelijkse Standaard (NL): Alex Knepper, of Human Rights Service, was interviewed by a member of the Dutch MSM corps. To be exact (and according to DDS) is was NRC journalist Margriet Oostveen, for a column dated April 10 of this year (subscription link).

Alex Knepper shares his experience with this fine specimen of Dutch journalism here. To give you a taste of the loathsome creature that is Mrs. Oostveen, I'd like to present the following quote:
On the phone, the reporter actually contended that Ayaan Hirsi Ali was essentially a media whore who lied on multiple occasions about her life being threatened. Before the famous incident involving Theo van Gogh, she insisted, Hirsi Ali had tried to provoke radical Muslims into threatening her life so that she could become a media critic of Islam. Hirsi Ali’s life had never been threatened before then, the reporter claimed, but she knew that if she provoked radical Muslims, then she could become famous. Hirsi Ali’s father, according to the reporter, had confirmed this to her.

What can one say about such repulsive nonsense?
What, indeed. The main issue of the article is the discussion about Geert Wilders and the nature of islam. Predictably, when Mrs. Oostveen was confronted with certain ... erhm... uncomfortable facts she proceeded to completely misrepresent Mr. Kneppers statements, leading to this rather succinct, but depressing observation:
Even as my Dutch reporter and her colleagues, those maggots eating away at the corpse of Old Europe, cheerfully reassure everyone that we have no basis by which to judge the cultural values of others, Dutch values are being swept away. Dutch people are being fed the bizarre line that Sharia law is no better or worse than the Dutch constitution, and that the Qur'an is no better or worse than the Nicomachean Ethics. Imperialism? Pedophilia? They’re just fine, as long as they’re committed by "people of color" in the name of traditional religion.
And thus we will lose what is ours.

Read it in full to get a flavour of what is the Dutch mainstream media in full technicolor, HD and in 3D. It isn't pretty, but then again: we already suspected this, didn't we?

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Yaman We01 zei

a été un article que j'ai aimé. Merci pour le partage.
tüp bebek

DP111 zei

Hirsi Ali’s father, according to the reporter, had confirmed this to her.

This statement by Ali's father is, I suppose, meant to give the distinct impression that Hisri Ali is lying, as even her father does not agree that radicals were trying to murder Hirsi Ali before she provoked them.

The journalist is clearly unaware, that in Islamic tradition, it is the duty of the father to kill his daughter if she strays from the path of Islam, as Hirsi clearly had. If he does not, then he loses face in his society - which is worse then being killed.

The other point is, that even if Hirsi Ali was provoking radical Muslims, that should not be treated by the journalist, as justifiable reason for radical Muslims to murder Hirsi.

I have noted that the worst of the dhimmis in the MSM are women journalists. Its almost as if they love to submit to a dominating male figure, as Muslim men portray themselves to be.

Correction - maybe these women journalists, who till now had liked to think of themselves as feminists, are really just women who like to submit to men.


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