How bad? This bad!

Flagged up by De Dagelijkse Standaard: Following reports of increasing anti-semitism in the Netherlands, public broadcaster Joodse Omroep put things to the test by sending out a rabbi and two Jewish youth, wearing yarmulkes, to gauge public response.

Dismayingly, of not entirely unsurprising, certain segments of the Amsterdam population did not react all that positively. Esther has the goods, including the short clip reproduced below. The entire segment can be viewed here (NL). Sic transit Gloria mundi, I guess. But it hurts just the same...

[Instant update] Or how about this one, from Pamela Geller, an Amsterdam taxi cab carrying the message 'Israel = terror country/state'. In Amsterdam, traditionally the most Jewish city of Holland!

Pamela conveniently provides address, URL and email contact to lodge your objections.
(Thanks to reader White Elephant)

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DP111 zei

No point in arresting these people. Locking them up for a week or fining them, serves no purpose.

We are in a big war- an existential war - winner takes all, where the loosers will be forcibly converted, slain or dhimmified. So there is no point in wasting ammo here. Besides arresting and fining them is counter-productive. Let them be. Let them give Nazi salutes, goose step, attack non-muslims, etc but be patient. The payback when it comes, will be paid in full.

What we have to do is build a dossier of information, which makes the case that Muslims do not belong in the West, and it is best for everyone, including Muslims, that there is a separation before millions get seriously hurt. We have no malice against Muslims - its just that Muslims cannot live in peace with anyone, through no fault of theirs, as their koran tells them so.

So before terns of millions get killed in a civil war, its best a separation takes place to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.


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