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From EU Observer: Belgian judge seeks EU-wide ban on cigarette sales.
The EU court in Luxembourg has lodged two anti-smoking cases which could, in theory, lead to a ban on the sale of tobacco products across the EU.

The two complaints, entitled "Rossius C267/10" and "Collard C268/10," lodged in Luxembourg on 28 May, call for the EU to ban the sale of cigarettes and the collection of excise duties on tobacco products in Belgium.

They also ask the court to examine if the sale of tobacco products goes against the Lisbon Treaty, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the UN's 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Baudouin Hubaux, a Belgian anti-smoking campaigner and a judge at the regional court in Namur, Belgium, who referred the cases to Luxembourg, told Belgian press that the best outcome would be for the court to ban cigarettes across the union or, at the least, to set out the financial liability of tobacco companies for damages to people's health.

Mr Hubaux' statement of reasoning, as submitted to Luxembourg, was published in the Belgian daily, La Derniere Heure, on 3 June.

"Future historians who will explore the 20th century will surely be surprised at the timidity of measures against smoking," it says. "If we fail to reduce consumption, smoking will kill 520 million people worldwide between 1950 and 2050, 10 times more than the Second World War."

The EU tribunal will now consider whether the case is admissible. If it goes ahead, the court will appoint a rapporteur and advocate general and table hearings leading to a judgment some 17 months down the line.
That's never happen!, you say? Think again... The link also contains this gem:
The Lisbon Treaty recently clarified existing case law that the EU court has primacy over member states' legislation.
We. Are. F.cked.

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DP111 zei

This whole multicultural nonsense can only be sorted out by recourse to force ie war. A war generally leads to a lot of stress for those involved - many soldiers really do have to have a smoke.

It would be very foolish indeed to try and stop a man smoking who is armed with an automatic rifle ,and really pissed off at the same time.

So we have to wait, till all this comes up for review in the near future.

Klein Verzet zei

I have come to the conclusion that our future is in the underground. Anyone with a modicum of common sense and feeling for Natural Law will be forced to hide his true feelings and only be able to vent them when he/she is sure he is in the appropriate company to do so. It really *is* going to be like living in a soviet state.

This situation will not last, of course (nothing ever does). But I fear some hard times are ahead for those that are not willing to give in to the insanity that is the modern West.


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