Where (or when) have we seen this before?

Message in white paint in the window reads "PVV voters not welcome".

Photograph taken in Amsterdam (NL) today. The shop in question is a skate shop, the proprietor of which maintains his message 'is more of a symbolic message'.

And just who is responsible for the creepy, heartless atmosphere in Holland again?

[UPDATE001] And via GeenStijl (NL): The Centre for Visual Arts Gelderland, in Arnhem,  will refuse the work of PVV-voting artists (NL) and called on its members to break all ties 'business and private' with painters and sculptors supporting the PVV.

The Centre, a government agency selling and lending out works of art by contemporary artists, evidently has declared the art by PVV-voters Entartete Kunst (yes, I can wield a Godwin with the best of 'em!). Its director, a wet blanket by the name of Ingrid Rep thinks the PVV is 'such a threat to society', that a line must be drawn. She's also member of the anti-Geert Wilders hyves set up by a number of high-ranking civil servants with delusions of grandeur (and/or competence), who consider themselves 'conscientious objectors'.

Where Ms. Rep and her ilk come off thinking they has the right to selectively apply the law, I don't know. Discrimination based on political preference is as much illegal as is racial discrimination. Hence, this action would seem grounds for dismissal, which means the self-solving problem is beginning to solve itself.

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Anonymous zei

Update, update:


The director of a Dutch government run art center has declared a total ban on Art from artist who can be linked to the PVV. Director Ingrid Rep defends her measure by declaring the PVV is now a threat to society. Statements like these do remember to the german Reichskulturkammer and the socialist apparatsjik who considered everything political.

Truth is, saying you’re voting for the PVV is dangerous. It can give you all kinds of trouble. It’s no wonder that all opinion polls underestimate the PVV voters. These polls also show that the higher their education, the higher their intelligence thus, the less likely they declare support for the PVV. That’s not because they don’t vote it, I know enough PVV voters with high income and higher education. But that’s because they are not so stupid to declare it to strangers.

During elections in The Netherlands people used to put up party pamphlets behind their windows. But PVV voters never do that, because this is what happens if you do:

JK zei

According to these leftists/PC-minded the PVV:
-is discriminatory and excludes an entire population group from society
-stands for right wing fascism

One quick glance at the party program should reveal that the PVV is anything but fascist, and Wilders has made it time and again very clear that his war is with an ideology and not with people. The ideology is one which glorifies violence for the sake of the ideology and seeks to impose worldwide shariah at the expense of the Judeo Christian roots of Western nations, so Wilders' concern is VERY valid.

But, when we take a close look at the DEEDS of these self-righteous accusers and opponents of the PVV we can clearly observe that:
-they discriminate and exclude an entire population group based on their political preference
-their behaviour is exemplary for fascist/totalitarian minded extremists in society, and they abuse their position of authority, as in the case of the director of a Dutch government run art center.

Conclusion: this latter group of people cannot see any reflection in the mirror.

Question: what's the name of the nefarious species which according to legend also is unable to perceive their reflection in the mirror?

The answer to this question should give you the name for the category of 'people' we are dealing with.

DP111 zei

'Wilders Derangement Syndrome' is going to be a serious cause of mental illness in the Netherlands this year.


Hope you and the Mrs had a nice holiday.
Regards DP

Stuff zei

To find out more about the mentality we are dealing with go here.

DP111 zei


"Clueless in Gaza" comes to mind.

Klein Verzet zei

Thanks DP. Yep, we had a great one. Still recuperating (we're not ones to do nothing in our vacations, unfortunately).

WDS is, as you note, an emerging infection in our swampy corner of the world, unfortunately. It is funny, isn't it, how the intolerance ascribed to Wilders and his supporters, manifests itself so firmly in his opponents. Maybe it has been projection all along?


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