Bloodshed in Dudley

An English Defence League (EDL) demonstration in Dudley has turned very sour. West Midland Police seem to have done everything in their power to break up any coherence of the EDL demonstration, while allowing muslim counter protesters to physically assault any EDL supporter they can get their hands on. Pamela Geller is following the situation here. Gates of Vienna keeping a regularly updated post here (prior one is here). Durotrigan has some videos up here and more on the demo here.

Several eyewitnesses describe protesters being attacked by both West Midlands Police and Muslim counter protesters. There are reports that muslims drove cars into EDL protesters. Gates of Vienna have one source, describing a quite chilling situation:
I’ve just spoken to [a source]. He, as I mentioned, is in a pub outside Dudley. A number of guys who came with him from [elsewhere] have decided not to return home now but to join up with others and return to Dudley to confront the police and the Muslims.

The news is that the Muslims have now taken over Dudley railway station, preventing people from leaving town.

There is anger that the West Midlands Police have obstructed all the negotiations to set up this demonstration, have caged the EDL attendees like animals, have stood by while they were attacked by Muslims, and joined in on the beatings.
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