A butcher grading his own meat

Yesterday saw the presentation of the report by the national environment assessment agency PBL on their investigation into the results of the IPCC report. And wouldn't you know it? No new errors unearthed in climate report, but quality controls needed.
Although it did not uncover any new serious errors in the controversial UN climate report, a Dutch research institute said on Monday the UN body should improve its quality controls.

The national environment assessment agency PBL was commissioned by the Dutch environment ministry to look into the results of the IPCC report after two serious errors emerged.

The IPCC report wrongly stated that the Himalaya glaciers would have melted by 2035. And it claimed claimed 55% of the Netherlands is below sea level. The correct figure is 25%.

The PBL said some of the assertions made in the report were not sufficiently grounded and it had questions about how seven on the main 32 conclusions were reached.

The organisation needs to invest more in quality control and to employ more people to write the final document, the Dutch body said.

The results of the PBL investigation will become part of the Netherlands' contribution to next year's IPCC meeting, acting environment minister Tineke Huizinga said.

EURefs Richard North shares his opinion of the Dutch report here. James Delingpole has his thoughts about the report here. Between these two giants there is not a lot for me to add.

Except maybe this: The PBL was responsible for the IPCC gaffe on the threat of AGW to our swampy corner of the world. They were the ones that gave the IPCC the 55% figure. Members of the PBL are listed as IPCC AR4 authors. That minister of the environment (at the time) Cramer subsequently saw fit to give them the job to research the IPCC's many failures, was already described by VVD MP Nepperrus as 'a butcher grading his own meat'. That really is all you need to know about the trustworthiness (or not) of this new report.

(And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and get obscenely drunk. Uruguay-Holland just ended in a 2 - 3 win and Holland made it to the World Cup final for the first time in 32 years. Time to celebrate, methinks).

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Holland to win the World Cup!!
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