The cat's out of the bag II

Via England Expects. Joke Schauvliege, Flemish Minister for Environment, Nature and Culture, and current holder of the rotating Chair of the EU's Environment Council and European Commissioner for Climate action, Connie Hedegaard issued a statement today, which is the result of the 'Informal Environment Council In Gent On The 13th Of July 2010' (No, I didn't know either).

Inadvertently (one presumes) both ladies let the cat out of the bag, where it concerns the real agenda behind climate alarmism: supra-national governance.
Having no concrete outcome in Cancun would be unacceptable. It would not only put the UNFCCC and the role of multilateralism at risk, but we would also run the risk of losing public support for the process and for our climate policies in general.

In order to keep the international process on the rails, Cancun must produce a balanced, ambitious and realistic package of substantive decisions that responds to the urgent desire of many countries to step up their action.
Note the wording: "the process" and "the international process" are EUnion-speak for the continuing slouch towards tranzi rule. The collapsing narrative of Climate Change is first and foremost viewed as a threat to the EUrocrat elites who so desperately want to lord over us. Only as a second item we get the prerequisite nod towards the environment.

Which brings me to a question: Why are not these two dames paraded around the Brussels market square all tarred and feathered up?

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