A constitutional coup in the Netherlands

I had planned to do an elaborate post on the formation of our new government (of which, as things stand now, Geert Wilders and the PVV will NOT be a part). But now I see that Gates of Vienna have a post up that makes mine superfluous: A Constitutional Coup in the Netherlands.

It gives a good description of the subversion of the democratic process by our elites, up to and including our royal house. Apparently in a bid to keep the liberal-socialist flower-children of the '60 and '70's in power for a little while longer. The most poignant quote comes from Hannibal:
Twenty years ago I jokingly said to friends that democracy in my view would not last another hundred years. Ten years ago I had reduced that time to fifty years, but I still assumed it would last out my days.

I was wrong.
Read it all.

GoV also posted a follow-up by their expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan: The Invisible Power of the Queen. Well worth a read if your unfamiliar with the Dutch parliamentary monarchy.

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