The death of us

This is how we will lose everything that is our: Media in Lower Saxony pledge themselves to positive reporting on immigration (NL; original item in D here)
The new minister for Social and Integration Affairs of the [German] state of Lower Saxony Aygül Özkan, wants media to sign the ‘Mediacharter Integration’. In signing de Charter the media pledge to 'support integration in Lower Saxony'.

The minister wants media to pay more attention to progress in the area of integration, that the use language that is 'culturally sensitive', that they strengthen their inter-cultural competences [whatever the hell that means - KV] and that they initiate projects and supervise journalism in that respect. Özkan has gained the support of the managing editor of Bild-Zeitung, Kai Diekmann.

Earlier this year Özkan caused unrest with her call to ban crucifixes in class rooms.
The real scandal in this is not that we have a politico (with such a through-and-through German family name) calling for the MSM to fall in line. The real scandal is, of course, the media falling in line without even a protest. The MSM, once thought to be the citizens last defence against overreaching political force, is actively engaged in destroying the last bits of freedom we still have left. They will be the death of our freedom.

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