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The reactions on from the other side of Second Chamber are in. Elsevier puts it succinctly: From the sidelines left-wing parties look on in frustration (NL). D66, PvdA, GroenLinks and SP have requested an extra session of Second Chamber for Tuesday, after the informateur, Ruud Lubbers has briefed all fractions not in the talks of this weeks. Reporting in EN via DutchNews.nl. (minor update: Elsevier reports parliament will be back for a special session on Wednesday next week)

PvdA leader Job Cohen is whining (NL) that Lubbers should not be looking at the options for a minority cabinet, since such options were not in the assignment Ruud Lubbers received from the Queen.

Cohen is demanding that first all possible majority cabinets be explored, before negotiations for the minority VVD-CDA cabinet are opened. Which is a bit rich, coming from the man who personally blocked exploration of the only other viable majority cabinet: The so-called 'centre cabinet' of VVD, CDA and PvdA. At the time Cohen refused to enter talks on the grounds that such a cabinet would involve two parties which lost seats in the general election.

Elsewhere fears are great Geert Wilders will have too much influence on a minority cabinet. Thus, we have Sharon Dijksma (PvdA)stating that 'Wilders will not be in the cabinet, but he will be the real prime minister', while Boris van der Ham (D66) thinks that 'Wilders has got Verhagen and Rutte on a lead'.

But the ultimate in sour grapes comes to us by THE political disappointment of the first decade of this century: Andre Rouvoet (CU): 'If Wilders' preference really is for a minority government, that would seem to me to be every reason not to do it'.

Taking all this in, you would have to conclude that the best summary of the left-wing reactions to the Danish variant is given by Coontje's Fotoneuk reproduced here on the right.

Holland's favourite Frenchmen Sylvain Ephimenco gauges the Lefts reactions and is a bit worried by what he finds:
Yesterday various sites placed a call to join the resistance. Some frightened bunnies started evaluating destinations for emigration. Others want to reclaim tax money. What isn't yet visible are surfers that have started visiting several sites where one is taught to put together home-made 'fireworks'. I am bloody serious. Tolerance to the extreme left is what praying five times a day on a little mat is for the PVV. The persistent demonisation of Crazy Geert with heavy WW2 accents has brought our world-ignorant fellow citizens closer to a paranoid delirium.
On the right reactions are understandably more enthusiastic. The colleagues from De Dagelijkse Standaard break out the champagne (NL) while promising to throw a party when the Danish cabinet (which they rather presumptuous call 'the DDS cabinet') is sworn in.

Continuing with the 'cry baby' motif, Michael van der Galien puts the reactions on the left to the frustration of the prospect of not being in power. All the angry, panicky reactions of the ladies and gentlemen politicians make clear they truly believe they have a patent on power, says Michael. They can't handle losing, because they convinced themselves that even in losing they must come out on top. If you think about it a little, it is really to sick for words, according to Michael: such arrogance is seldom seen outside of politics.

Whatever else, yesterdays news has shaken up quite a stir in the Netherlands. That's for sure.

[UPDATE001] Snouck shines his light on the situation here.

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