Hostile take-over

Via Islam in Europe we get the cheery news that a football club in The Hague has been taken over completely by Moroccans: 'Moroccan coup' in football club
52 ethnic Dutch members turned their backs on the club after a general members' meeting in which due to massive turnout by the Moroccan members an almost completely Moroccan board (except for one member) was elected.

"A coup was carried out in a devious way," claims former board-member Jaap Kanters, who also needs to clear out. "It was all contrived in advance, with the result that a large number of [Dutch] members have now resigned and all went to the new association WIK in Zuiderpark."
(NL reporting by Elsvier here: Moroccan coup in The Hague.)

What has happened is that prior to the meeting where the new bard was to be voted on, Moroccan members went out and mobilized the Moroccan community, to stage a hostile take-over of what used to be a Dutch football, making it exclusively Moroccan. Obviously this has had some impact on the atmosphere at the club.
Meanwhile the labels on the alcoholic beverages and the beer tap have been removed and (pork) chops can no longer be ordered in the cafeteria.

People are also active very differently in regard to the women who dedicated themselves for years as volunteers for the club. The women who stood behind the bar the whole season weren't invited to the party to celebrate the end of the season.
This seems to be part of a larger trend. One that doesn't bode too well for the immediate future.

Last December, in the run up to the municipal elections, the local PvdA (Labour) chapter of the district Rotterdam-Feijenoord saw its board replaced with Turkish members (NL) almost exclusively. This happened during a meeting where all of a sudden Turkish members (many of them very new members) turned up en masse to vote the new board in place. One of the few Dutch members spoke of a 'Communist Party like directed coup'. Many of the old-and-true PvdA members in Rotterdam-Feijenoord have since cancelled their membership, with some publicly pointing to 'the islamisation of society' and musing 'Maybe Wilders is right after all'.

Around the same time, something similar happened in Amsterdam (Elsvier: Moroccan coup in Amsterdam; NL). Here PvdA darling Achmed Marcouch, was unexpectedly brought down by new-comer Achmed Baâdoud. Here also, there are strong clues that many of the members attending the meeting where this happened were freshly minted (Moroccan) PvdA members, who had been persuaded to turn up and vote Marcouch down by false rumours about his sexual orientation, his supposed preference for the Dutch and his supposedly pro-Israeli views.

Last June de Volkskrant (NL) reported that during the tumultuous meeting, supporters of Marcouch were intimidated by those of Baâdoud, and were actively watching over the shoulders, when voters were filling out their ballot. Said one of those present: 'I saw boys that aren't politically active, that hate politics. They were plucked from the streets to intimidate us. They were very hostile and said they hated Marcouch.'

So... The PvdA in Amsterdam-Nieuw West (2), the PvdA in Rotterdam-Feijenoord. And just this week Esdo football club in The Hague. Are we watching a new trend? Is this how the Balkanization of the Netherlands will be complete?

1) Illustration: Windmill Hill Mosque by Catherine Hale.
2) Nieuw West is a new district, the result of a fusion of Slotervaart, Osdorp and Geuzenveld/Slotermeer, infamous for the Amsterdam car-b-ques, back in 2007.

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