KV Linkage: The Wilders edition

I don't have a lot of time or energy to do a full post. But there are one or two items I wanted to bring to your attention.

Firstly: Wilders sets up international anti-Islam, pro-freedom alliance (AP). The reporting is a bit... one-sided. Then again, this is the AP. But the news is welcome. A preliminary website for the new alliance can be found here. Hopefully this way some meaningful resistance to the complete sell-out of what is ours can be organized.

Then, today we heard this: Another Day, Another Death Threat. Gates of Vienna brings us the translation of the original in De Telegraaf. The threat was issued in a glossy magazine called Inspire, which according to the Baron was published by Anwar al-Awlaki, the fugitive Yemeni-American imam who provided spiritual guidance to the Fort Hood killer. Another reason to take note of this particular threat is that Mr. Wilders’ name was just one on a list that included Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Flemming Rose, Lars Vilks, Molly Norris (the creator of “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”), and others.

And in a school example of why Wilders' new alliance is so desparately needed: Nijmegen Municipality Maintains Subsidy for Sharia Website.
Nijmegen municipality sees no reason to withdraw its subsidy to an ultra-orthodox Islam website. According to Mayor Thom de Graaf, all unacceptable content has already been removed from the site. (...)

Alderman Floris Tas has had a meeting with Ar Rayaan, at which apologies were reportedly made. The municipality says a "sharper" eye will be kept on the activities of the foundation, but it is not withdrawing the subsidy for 2010.

In fact, the website remains a patchwork of controversial texts. For example, the visitor can still read that men and women should only speak to each other if it is strictly necessary. The site also says that Western dress invites rape and that Islam "takes strong action" to effect the rule of the laws of the Koran.
(emphasis mine - KV)

[UPDATE001] On GoV more on the launch of his new Alliance, including an interview with Wilders.

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