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The start of this week saw a minor scandal erupting in the UK over the UK coalition government opting in the European Investigation Order, new EUnion legislation that would grant foreign police forces the powers to prosecute and arrest Britons on British soil. From the Daily Mail: Now ministers hand over Big Brother powers to foreign officers.
Ministers are ready to hand sweeping Big Brother powers to EU states so they can spy on British citizens.

Foreign police will be able to travel to the UK and take part in the arrest of Britons.

They will be able to place them under surveillance, bug telephone conversations, monitor bank accounts and demand fingerprints, DNA or blood samples.

Anyone who refuses to comply with a formal request for co-operation by a foreign-based force is likely to be arrested by UK officers.
Richard North of EURef is concise: In Europe and ruled by Europe.
To all those happy, gullible little bunnies who were so convinced that "Call me Dave" was a eurosceptic, and just needed to be given a chance, there is only one word – schmuck. We could use other words, but that conveys the sentiment.

Our Dave never was a eurosceptic, is not now and never will be. A typical Tory, he runs with the hare and the hounds but, in the end, goes with the "colleagues" for an easy life. Voting Tory was never going to make the slightest bit of difference.
But at least the draconian measures imposed by the EUnion cause a bit of a stir over there in the UK.

This week Cameron argued that Turkey should become a full EUnion member as soon as possible. Now, take one (Turkey) and one (European Investigation Order) and see how that adds up. Or better yet, read Mary Ellen Synon, who touches on this very subject in a piece that otherwise professionally takes 'not-a-Tory' Cameron down a peg or two: Cameron goes native.
[T]he point of this blog is to note that if Turkey is allowed to join the EU, Turkish police and Turkish prosecutors will be free to come to Britain and investigate British men and women, demand information from the national DNA data base -- and remember how many innocent men and women and children in Britain now unwillingly have their DNA on the data base -- because Cameron and his Government have just agree to hand such powers to other EU states.
(emphasis mine - KV).

I'll say it again: For all the embarrassing rolling-over on the issue of the European Investigation Order, at least in the UK this positively scary bit of EUnion legislation is an issue noted by the UK MSM en public.

We're all in this monster together now, so the legislation leading to these absurdities in the UK is equally applicable in the Netherlands. You too could find yourself being investigated and arrested by Turkish or Bulgarian police in your own country. Your government will not be able (even if they are willing) to do anything to protect you.

Yet here in the Netherlands the sound of crickets is only disturbed by the light snoring from the Dutch MSM and sleepily smacking of lips by the general public. It is not even an issue here.

And it is big scandal that it isn't!

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