German Deputy Finance Minister Steffen Kampeter, in an interview with Bloomberg, says the one thing we have been told time and time again the EUnion is NOT about:
Europe is much more than a “technical assembly,” Kampeter said in a Bloomberg Television interview in New York yesterday. “The biggest misperception is to understand Europe just as an economic project -- it’s a political project, like the United States.”
Ever since the Turnip. and teh hamfisted way it was shoved down our throat, we already suspected that the EUrocrats were saying one thing (no superstate), while working to some thing else (too a superstate).

But as Gawain notes, that is a pretty clear, direct, uncomplicated and above all honest statement by Herr Kampeter. That the EUrocrats now think nothing of admitting that this has been the goal all along, signals their strong belief that whatever else we, the citizens may be thinking or wanting, the EUnion superstate is a done deal.

So, apparently it is official: Holland is occupied territory. As are all the other territories of the former states that made up the membership of the EUnion.

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