Panicking into November

Wretchard of the Belmont Club has two consecutive posts up about President Obama's crashing poll numbers and the unease this is causing within the Democratic Party, what with mid-term elections coming up in November.If the polls are anything to go by, those elections will see the Democrats lose their majority, possibly in both Houses.

In Proximity Alert Wretchard takes a closer look at the meaning of Obama's bombing numbers.
The Washington Post-ABC News poll is striking not only because it was commissioned by a normally pro-Administration group of media companies but because it conveys an implicit two-part message. Part 1: we are in an airplane diving straight for the ground and Part 2: an increasing number of passengers don’t believe the pilot knows how to fly an airplane. The two parts together spell a crash, and the only question is how many will survive.
And this has implications, not only for Obama's presidency, but for the elite (political and MSM) that sold the American public the 'empty box' that is Barack H. Obama.
[T]he real challenge facing the Democratic Party and the political and cultural elites as a whole is not whether they can save Obama’s Presidency — that is already lost — but whether they can still save themselves. But Zuckerman and the mainstream press cannot seem to advance a feasible rescue strategy except to hope the Republicans win in November to carry off some of the blame. They’ve gone as far as recognizing the problem but they can’t bring themselves to craft a solution. Probably that is because Washington is incapable of it.
Following up in Mene, Mene, Tekel u-Pharsin Wretchard describes the failing attempts by the Democrat leadership to quash any discussion of the expected Democrat loss in November. As Wretchard writes it, panic is starting to take a hold of the Democrat Party and particularly those Democrat candidates that 'are now staring political death in the face', because they were unlucky enough to enter the election race at this particular point in time.
Who brought this pox upon their houses? The right answer would be the political and economic environment. But the obvious answer would be Barack Obama. He’s the obvious patsy. He’s what changed since last. As the President’s unpopularity bears down on his supporters like the albatross around the Ancient Mariner, the temptation to survive at his expense may easily infect a group of people who were opportunists to begin with. The President and Nancy Pelosi know exactly how steadfast and principled their minions are. The thought of their principled followers sacrificing themselves to Hope and Change will doubtless assure them in the nights to come.
And thus endeth the reign of Obamses. It would be ironic if his attempt to re-organize the US in such a way that a Republican president could never be elected, will turn out to be make the Democrats political lepers for years and decades to come, wouldn't it?

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