Summing up some cold hard facts

I read this one in the comments over at De Dagelijkse Standaard, on a piece about Edward Said and Ibn Warraq.
Dear Said,

We have hospitals, you have Doctors Without Borders.
We have agriculture and animal husbandry, you have emergency help.
We have universities, you have madrassas.
We have the miniskirt, you have the burqa.
We have rights and duties, you have duties and bans.
We have grass, you have sand.
We have space flight, you have camels.
We are fairly happy, you are fairly jealous.
We are free, you are not.

How all that came to be is not that important. As long as there is nothing in your culture that can be pointed out as an improvement, it is not important at all.
Which just goes to show one doesn't need to be a blogger to come up with a brilliantly pithy observation. Commenters rule!

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