You are known by the friends you keep.

Today it emerged that in an interview with De Volkskrant (NL) the Afghan Taliban heartily thanked the PvdA (Labour) for the upcoming departure of Dutch troops form Uruzgan, the issue that tripped up the former Dutch cabinet. The radical Islamic terrorist organization says it hopes the PvdA will again become part of the Dutch government so that there will be a lasting friendly policy “toward Afghanistan”.

GoV have a translation up of the Elsevier reporting (NL), including this delicious snippet (emphasis mine - KV):
“We still remember well the day the Dutch government resigned,” says [Qari Yusuf Ahmadii, the spokesman for the Taliban in southern and western Afghanistan], who states that the Taliban keep a sharp eye on the international media over the Internet. The spokesman also promises that there will never be peace in Afghanistan as long as foreign troops are present in the country. “The resistance will only become stronger.
All thanks to the PvdA...

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